Tuesday, June 26

Taking the Fight Online

Some intriguing early word from the humongous Soul Calibur IV blowout article in the new issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. It's apparently now confirmed that the latest installment of Namco-Bandai's mega-popular blades-brawler will be coming to PS3s and Xbox360s with online capability. Yep, players will be able to slash and hack their friends from across the world via the internet. Even better, it seems that they will be able to do so using their own customized, created warriors as the game will sport a revamped, improved Character Creation mode. This feature, introduced in the previous Soul Calibur III, allowed players to select their custom warrior's gender, appearance, voice and weapon/skills, but at the time did not allow them to go online with their creations. Soul Calibur IV though, WILL.

This is great news, and bodes well for players who have been clamoring for online gaming with their beat 'em ups. Once again, 2008 can't come soon enough. The whole story can be found in the new issue of EGM, out on stands July 3. I'll be keeping my eyes out for this ish. WOOHOO!

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