Monday, June 27


If you have Sky Cable, you'll probably have seen some of those ads they've been airing for themselves. There's one which is about 'Smart Kids', and has a mom reprimanding her kid (via voiceover as various scenes from educational programs run).

Mom says: Your teacher said you told your classmates to eat their money??
Kid: I just said that coins are minted.
Mom: Well, she also said you were teasing a classmate.
Kid: I just called him a homo sapien.
Mom: Michael! You shouldn't call your classmates names!

Okay, there's a big difference between being intelligent and being SMART. Now, despite the fact that 'homo sapiens' is the same word as 'human beings', there's a reason why we DON'T really use that term in everyday speak. So... unless young Michael wants to get his arse- or glutius maximus- royally kicked by some pissed-off peer, he should know when not to use some words.

Oh well. Just rambling. Moving on... Moving on...

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