Sunday, June 26

Demons at School

No, it's not a sequel to that "Ghostbusters meets Anime" series on Animax... it was a feature shown this night on Magandang Gabi, Bayan. Apparently in some school called Wireless Elementary School, several students started seeing a DEMON in the classroom. According to the kids, the demon was dressed all in red, had ugly, wrinkled skin and two horns on its head. Of course, the show had its requisite re-enactment to show us the cheezy/creepy event. The most disturbing part of the feature was when the students, on camera, suddenly started seeing demons again in the middle of an interview, inside the principal's office. Of course, the cameras didn't see any horned incarnation- just lots of kids screaming their heads off and some woman crying out 'The Mighty Power of Jesus Commands You!" at the top of her lungs.
Were the kids really seeing demons? Was it just mass hallucination? Or just a publicity stunt? Well, it made for interesting television, that's for sure.

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