Wednesday, June 29

Fat-astic Food

Watched an episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on ETC. It had The Chin Man doing a sort of cooking segment with some guy who apparently runs a diner or resto that specializes in a couple of incredibly high-cholesterol delicacies.

How high? Well, the first dish they put together was a hamburger patty grilled and topped with bacon and cheddar cheese put in between a sliced, slightly grilled Krispy Kreme donut (with glaze). Whoa. Talk about mixing flavors. Anyway, the donut burger was pretty wild... but it was the second dish that went a bit over the top.
How over the top? How does a hotdog wrapped with hamburger meat stuffed into a bun smothered with chili and topped with bacon, onions and a fried egg sound? Mmmm.

Yep. A nightmare for diet-lovers. But DAMN... I want to taste these things at least once. I doubt any resto here will try them on their menu though. I guess I'll have to grab a box of Gonuts Donuts, some burger patties and make my own cholestereats.


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