Tuesday, June 28

War of the Worlds

I've had a ball in the cinemas recently. Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a certitied treat, and Batman Begins was pretty good. Now, while I have no plans to watch Fantastic Four, I am quite excited with the upcoming Steven Spielberg opus, War of the Worlds.
Tom Cruise stars as a divorced father who takes his two kids out for the weekend, not knowing that their world will forever be changed shortly by the sudden arrival (or unearthing) of malevolent alien invaders. As buildings start exploding and humanity falls apart at the seams, one man must somehow keep his sanity and his family together through it all.
The most intriguing thing about WOTW is... everything! There's been a fairly heavy veil of secrecy throughout the film, in most of the trailers and it is pretty exciting. Perhaps 98 percent of the action and the movie's drama, including what the aliens look like, has been held in secret- something unusual in these days when the best stuff is usually thrown into epic trailers.

I don't expect several members of the gang to share my excitement though- I'll try to catch the War when I can, after it debuts this week. Later!

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