Wednesday, March 23

CSI New York

I am a forensic detectives fan- I love watching the real stuff on the Discovery Channel, and I love CSI. The first is still the best- CSI Las Vegas endears for the cool cast, best of all being the half-geeky, half-invincible character of Gil Grissom (WIlliam Petersen). I also like the glitz and glamor that is often found in the cases. CSI Miami has a slightly different vibe- steamier and sexier, and with a different driving force in the passionate Horatio Caine (David Caruso).
CSI New York seems to take an radically more different stance than it's predecessors- while Miami and Las Vegas don't really show off their characters' lives, New York will supposedly involve the drama of the CSI's lives and how they are affected by the cases they take. I don't think this is the a plus, but we'll see how Gary Sinise and his crew measure up when CSI New York debuts on AXN this April.

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