Saturday, March 26


Damn, does it taste good. For the past several days we've been having just fish. Dried fish. Fried catfish. Fish fillet. Tuna. I'm actually not too bad with fish- I love fish, especially fried bangus (milkfish), which I dub "fried chicken of the sea". But you know, there's nothing more satisfying than MEAT.

So when we had Sinigang na Baboy and it tasted GREAT. Damn great. I've been sating my cravings with chips all this time... but really, there's no substitute for real meat.

I want to order a pizza tomorrow. A nice, meat-lover's pizza. A great way to celebrate Easter and the end of Lent, don't you think?

Darn, I could go for a steak right now. Heh.

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