Friday, March 25

K.I.A. 2

We haven't even gotten the first book out yet, and I'm already working on the second volume.

Yesterday I started writing the first script of the inevitable K.I.A. Volume 2. While nothing is final of course, I am seeing the 2nd book as having a more focused story or scale than the first. The situation here is that at the beginning of Volume 2, Agent K wants a vacation. She's been working hard, going on deadly missions every week and now she wants a break. But of course, getting time off when you're the most in-demand assassin in the world is NOT easy.
But this is Agent K, of course, and suffice to say she doesn't give up. But little does she know when she gets her little break that a crack KALI unit known as the Deep Cover Girls is aiming to collect Vanya's bounty on her head. And with surprise on their side, they just might succeed in killing the unkillable K!

Still fixing up the concept for this book. Perhaps I can get people to write actual stories that focus on the DCGs' attempts to terminate Kai. Or perhaps there's a bigger thing that Kai and her hunters may get involved in. We'll see. Anyway, if I start it now, chances are we'll see this perhaps... oh... next year. And that's being conservative. Heh. I guess it all depends on how good the first book does. Again, we'll see. In the meantime, gotta keep writing and writing.

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