Friday, March 25

Soul Calibur III

More information just popped up online on the upcoming PS2 exclusive Soul Calibur III. The storyline has something to do with a mysterious individual who revives Nightmare, the demon-possessed knight who wields Soul Edge. From there, carnage and lots of one-on-one fighting is sure to ensue.
Anyway, we've got the lowdown on the new characters!

Setsuka is a woman dressed in a pretty intricate and fancy kimono and platform sandals. She wields a large umbrella with a sword hidden in the handle. She pretty much looks a lot like Fatal Fury's Mai Shiranui in one of the latter's win poses. She is described as 'the Resolute Avenger', so she's probably hot on the trail of someone in for a good slashing. Pretty cool- I wonder if they had an influence on the Tekken creators, who did a similar hidden look for Asuka Kazama in Tekken 5.

Dubbed as 'A Misguided Angel of Death', Tira is a wild-haired girl in green who wields one large bladed hula hoop. It seems that she rips her own costume up quite a bit when she fights. All I can say is that she reminds me of Tanith, one of the Five Seasons from K.I.A. And I did the look for Tanith more than a year ago. Hmmm. I wonder if Namco is looking over my blog. Heh.

Anyway, the third new character is Zasalamel, and the only male in the new batch. He's from Africa, wears a white, hooded robe and wields a nasty-looking scythe. Called "The Evil Enigma", it seems likely that all this hubbub was caused by him.

As mentioned before, Soul Calibur III will include a mode where you can customize and create your own character, deciding stuff such as sex, occupation and some aspects of their appearance. You can then use this created character in some modes in the game. We're hoping that all these promises Namco is making gets pulled off. I am hoping for hidden outfits- if the character edit mode in SC is as good or better than the one in Tekken 5, I'll be pretty happy. While SCIII is firmly behind the big fighters such as Tekken, DOA and VF for me, I still can't wait to see another installment of this long-running series. The game comes out on PS2 later this year.

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