Sunday, March 27

Angel Update

Hopefully, Angel won't be sitting idly for too long.

With all this effort I'm throwing into K.I.A., I've been often asked by people if I'm still coming out with Angel Ace. Readily, I say 'yes'. Angel was my first comic, and while I'm still doing comics I'll continue to develop her story until her saga is done. That's a pretty big task to do, honestly, since her story is epic, to say the least. We haven't even reached anywhere near the foothills of the mountains of high drama that Angel's story will reach. That's something that cannot be hurried, I have to say... the need to flesh out a character, to show her many adventures and filler episodes before that final stretch of major plot that will lead to the endgame.
It's going to be hard, and I'm not sure I can do it. But I will give it the good ol' college try. Somehow, someway.

What's next for Angel? A nice stand-alone adventure. It's a matter of deciding what story to do; the long-in-the-making 'Philippines' story or a rematch with The Sorcerer. I'll be able to decide soon after I finish the business with K.I.A.

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