Friday, April 1

Old Favorite

Back when I was a college student in UP, one of the MUST places to have a meal was Rodic's. It's a tapsilog place that specialized in this sweet-savoury tapa (cured meat), rice and fried egg meals which just hits the spot everytime. The Rodic's in UP Shopping Center was almost always full of hungry students, and the cramped but cozy interior had lots of character, if not ambience.
Well, it's been years since I've had a Rodic's tapsilog, but that changes today. Amazingly enough, a branch has opened about a discus throw away from the office (and from all accounts, it's doing brisk business), so the office gang decided to get ourselves some tapsilog delivered for lunch. Yummy. This should bring back memories of those university days. Heh.

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