Wednesday, March 30

Smartly-priced Smartphone

A budget smartphone?

The next smartphone to come from Finnish phonemakers Nokia will be the 3230, a well-rounded Series 60 model that thankfully seems free of the queer keyboard syndrome that plagued most of the earlier Nokia models. The phone will come with a 1.3 megapixel camera, a large 176 x 208 color screen, video capture and editing, push-to-talk, Bluetooth and other bells and whistles. The 3230 will supposedly be priced at an affordable range- I'm not sure though how that will translate here in the Philippines though. Anyway, this latest smartphone has all the goods from the later released Nokias such as the 7610 and the 6630, in a pretty and compact frame. So those out there looking for a nice new smartphone need not go for the aging 6600 anymore. The 3230 is set for release later in 2005.

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