Monday, March 28


I'd love to have Fairy Godparents to make my every wish come true...

Over the holidays I found myself liking a lot of new things. I bought myself a copy of the New Avengers though I have never liked the government-sponsored superteam. I have also now apparently become a fan of a couple of Nickelodeon cartoon shows, or 'Nicktoons'; My Life as a Teenage Robot and Fairly Odd Parents.

My Life as a Teenage Robot is all about the adventures of XJ9 or simply Jenny, an almost invincible super robot who has to juggle being a teenager and Earth's greatest defender. The character design of Jenny herself is cute, with big eyes and nice ponytails that give her quite a bit of anime flavor. I guess I like the series as well since it reminds me a lot of my own Angel Ace- in another world, Angel's adventures would be like Jenny's, and her character is very much like Angel's.
Fairly Odd Parents is just hilarious- I love the wacky situations and the fast-paced stories, with the many wishes of hero Timmy Turner asked of his fairy-godparents Cosmo and Wanda almost always snowballing into some crazy consequence. The episodes aren't as braindead as the more popular Spongebob Squarepants (which I don't like probably since it's about non-human characters), and there's quite a bit of sophistication in the writing. But I think what really made me like Oddparents is the recently-shown Channel Chasers special/movie, which was quite excellent. The spoofing of every cartoon from The Simpsons to Tom and Jerry to Speed Racer was just so cool. Darn, I wonder if this means I'll be looking for DVDs or VCDs of these Nicktoons... even more stuff to stockpile in The Sanctum again.

Oh well. Broadening Horizons is always good. Right? Sigh.

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