Thursday, March 31

Getting Ready

It takes more than packing comics in plastic to ensure a good release. I also bought a nice hang-on rack for the book, which fits nicely in front of the CQ comic rack... fellow comics, sorry but we just can't just drop K.I.A. into the rack as is- it's so small, it'll sink and be lost. Aside from the posters and some other little stuff to promote the comic, I'm damn lucky to have Cams in my court as PR Dominatrix. Well, all of us in Alamat have in the past always been helped by Cams whenever we would launch a comic. She's got connections in all the radio stations, knows literally hundreds of people to talk to and get stuff done, and she's all systems go to get the book the hoo-hah factor it needs to sell.

So if you hear K.I.A. being promoted on the radio, or surf to the 99.5RT website and see Kai there, it's thanks to Cams.

The release this weekend will give the comic to readers, but it's really not a big launch. I'll be around, and I'll chat and sign every copy sent my way. If things look great, I'll try to put together a real Launch Event. We'll see.

Things look good though. The local comic community seems expectant of the book (met comic dude Jonas and dudette Jac tonight, which was pretty cool), but the real test will be getting the walk-in customers and casual readers to take a gander at our product. But darn, I feel great. It should be cool and it's really nice to have your efforts pay off. Anything else from now on is gravy. Heh. Optimism is good.

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