Friday, April 1

Gaming Bits

With movies like The Godfather and Scarface coming soon to consoles, the latest crime film to make the jump to videogaming is Goodfellas (the Ray Liotta/Robert De Niro starrer). You'll play the game as real-life ex-gangster Henry Hill, starting off as a snot-nosed kid bashing in car windows with a baseball bat, and working your way up to gangster and later, cocaine dealer. Mini-games will include cooking pasta, getting a wife and dressing her up as the perfect mobster's wife, and disposing of dead bodies. Just don't get whacked!

The lackluster Suikoden IV did little for fans of the franchise, so Konami has announced that the next game, named aptly Suikoden V, will be a return to the roots for the series. Expect loads of familiar faces to return, such as "Blue Lighting Flick", Viktor and the McDohl heir. Better hope you still have that original Suikoden save...

The unthinkable has happened... Streetfighter vs Mortal Kombat will bring together the flagship fighters of the two landmark beat 'em ups in one fiery package. There will be two modes of visual style, which will allow players to choose either hand-drawn sprites for their characters, or digitized graphics using live-actors. Capcom of Japan has denied that they will cut corners and use footage from the old, old Streetfighter the Movie game. It is unknown whether or not Ryu will have a fireball fatality, or if the Mortal Kombat crew will get super combos. The game is slated for an early 2006 release on various consoles.

Sony has announced plans for the PSPDA, a Pocket-PC hybrid with their existing Playstation Portable. In addition to playing UMD games, you can surf the web via WIFI and save games on the device's hard drive. A battery pack, built into a belt accessory, will provide the additional power supply needed to keep the convergent device working.

Oh, and of course...

Happy April Fool's Day!

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