Thursday, March 31


Last night saw me packing away, inserting things into plastic jackets and seeing things rise. I could have brought in a couple of the household help to help me pack, but I really just had to pack by myself tonight.

Yep, I made myself busy putting copies of K.I.A. into plastic bags, and then organizing everything into neat piles. I packed no less than 75 copies, about two-thirds of which are Comic Quest stocks, while the rest are for the members of Team K.I.A. Generally, I am pretty happy with the stocks... so far, I've seen only five copies which I do not want to sell since they have some damage- a couple had spots on the cover torn away by some adhesive, and a couple had folded parts. Nothing really horrible.
I remember the second original Angel Ace issue had more than HALF the stocks with defective qualities- misregistered cover images, covers missing lamination... it was a nightmare. The horrid thing was that we, neophytes then in this publishing thing, paid the bastard printers in FULL. And they just gave us a half-hearted consuelo de bobo reparation. That was the worst.

Well, about five books later, I'm still a relative neophyte in printing comics, but having a good printer seems to work wonders since K.I.A. looks great, and I am really excited to get the copies out to the store and into readers' hands.

Whew. I'm tired from packing all night (okay, ENOUGH). If I was a smoker, I'd probably be having a drag right now. Instead, I just have a can of Pepsi, a cookie and watch the latest Amazing Race.

Hey, it's tomorrow already. Less than two days to K.I.A. Saturday. Yay!

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