Friday, April 22

Angel Ace: Fall from Heaven

I am actually contemplating on doing THIS story for the next Angel Ace release, instead of the previously-announced Angel Ace JET.

As this story goes, Angela Gale is living quietly in Newhaven with love interest Mike and the Scott siblings, Rip and Tip. All seems well, despite the occasional adventure (such as a trip to Manila, dealing with the return of The Sorcerer and whatever), the gang is more or less doing great. But then comes a new bulletin on air letting all know that Gallowglass Mass Industries' famous young President Mondebaine Gallowglass is going to unveil a world-changing device very soon... and he's doing it right in Newhaven!

Unfortunately, this great invention is something that has many dangerous and powerful forces worried. So worried that they they won't stop at anything to destroy it, the GMI leader and coincidentally, anyone and everyone near him to keep it from being released.

So when the action starts exploding in the skies over Newhaven between GMI and their enemies, Angel is forced to move in order to save lives in danger. Will she be able to keep her secret? Or will this be the end of her quiet life in Newhaven?

This is a BIG plot mover in the Angel Ace series, plus it has the distinct advantage of involving the series' main heavies, GMI. I have tried so many times but so far failed to put out stories that include the main villains of Angel Ace... perhaps I'm unconsciously resisting it? Well, if I go this route for the next issue, it should start the road for the series' endgame. And seeing that I've been doing the title for almost ten years, maybe it's a long time coming.

We'll see what happens.

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