Friday, April 22

Incredibly Disappointing

A week ago I bought an original copy of The Incredibles dvd. The 2-disc set includes extras like a new animated short starring the Incredibles' youngest, baby Jack-Jack, the 'Bounding' animated short that was shown right before The Incredibles in the theaters, Files and info on 'The Supers', bloopers and outtakes, an old-style superhero cartoon entitled "Mr. Incredible and Pals', lots of behind the scenes features and more.

Incredibly enough though, I was pretty disappointed by a lot of the stuff. The 'Mr. Incredible and Pals' cartoon was not funny, no matter that the cheeziness and retro-ness was intended... it just wasn't funny. The Outtakes and Bloopers reel consists of just glitchy vids or re-done footage set to music and a laugh track which again didn't entertain as much as the makers may have expected it too (I found the 'orchestrated' bloopers from the Toy Story and Bug's Life credits a lot more endearing). The BTS features aren't as interesting as you'd think- it actually gets kinda boring with just Pixar people patting themselves on the back and shit. Oh well... I guess the best thing about the DVD is the actual movie, which isn't bad... but then, I could have just been satisfied with my bootleg disc then. Grrr.

Another disappointing recent DVD release is Kung Fu Hustle (region 3), which has no extras at all... perhaps I'll need to look for the region 1 or the original HK discs to see good stuff.

The MADman DVD reviews! I buy bad DVDs so YOU don't have to! Hazzah!

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