Thursday, April 21

Sinful DVD

The coming Sin City DVD is gonna be loaded.

When Sin City hits the dvd shelves, and I mean the original dvd release, fans of the film will have a lot of treats in store. Since the theatrical release of the movie pretty much melded three of Frank Miller's graphic novels together, the dvd will give viewers the option to see each chapter- That Yellow Bastard, The Big Fat Kill and The Hard Goodbye- as one separate film, complete with opening and ending credits and new footage not seen in the movie theaters. The scenes aren't just throwaway footage, insists director Robert Rodriguez; there will be terrific scenes both for plot and action that will await dvd viewers. These scenes will be familiar to readers of the comics, such as a scene where Marv (Mickey Rourke) visits his mom to get his gun.

Sin City fell to Number Four this week at the US Box Office, after debuting at Number One a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, the movie has made quite a bit of cash at a supposedly relatively low cost of production (it's a Robert Rodriguez film after all). I hope this means that more Sin City books will be forthcoming. Gosh, I wanna see Miho in action again. Heh.

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