Monday, April 18

Sin Eater

Darn it! Say it isn't so.

I've heard a rumor that the reason why we Pinoys haven't been seeing any sign of Sin City in any local theaters is because the showing of the film is being held up since the MTRCB is insisting on cuts to the mature comic book movie. Sure, there are a lot of stuff that's pretty nasty- decapitations, dismemberment, implied cannibalism, violent deaths and gunfights, stabbings, explosions, a couple of scenes with naked breasts, a tastefully-done sex scene and one nasty castration, but darn... most of the stuff is really not gratuitous, but more stylish. And having most of it in black and white reduces the gore even more. Just enforce the ratings and keep kids out! We adults want to see this opus in theaters, damn it.

Sigh. Yeah, we can all just rush to our beloved dvd stalls and get a good copy to watch, but this film just NEEDS to be seen in a theater, with an audience and booming sounds. It just needs to. I hope this all gets straightened out soon...

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