Sunday, April 17

Heaven and Eggs

The gang discovered a new eatery over the weekend care of Ralph. It's called Heaven and Eggs, a quaint resto that specializes in steak and egg dishes, with pasta, Asian meals and pancakes/waffles in between. The pricing is supposedly cheaper than equivalent places, such as Country Waffles, and the portions are generous. The place also serves several kinds of bottomless drinks, including an odd Flower Tea (which actually has petals and stuff floating in it- only for the adventurous) and classic tea (which you have to sweeten yourself with syrup). The place has a cozy, white color scheme, and the waitresses wear cute wings on their backs.
Anyway, I tried out a steak meal with scrambled eggs, and the place's classic pancakes. The food was good, and I was pretty much satisfied. The others were probably happy since they were near their singing place. Well, to each his own. After the meal, I headed off home and played away the wee hours of the morning with Rise of the Kasai.

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