Wednesday, April 20

Back in the Saddle

After a two-day absence, I'm back in the Salt Mines. Of course, I have to deal with lots of stuff right off the bat. Well, time waits for no one. Fortunately, everything seems to be working well. Still have lots of stuff to think about, stuff to write, stuff to figure out and stuff to keep in mind. It's a good thing that despite everything, I still enjoy doing advertising. Writing scripts and taglines, troubling over products, ideas and concepts, brainstorming and presenting materials to the boss or to client... it's all work that's so familiar yet in some ways something new every time. Ya gotta love this business to stay in it. Having a great place to work and people you like around you helps too. A lot, actually.

What can I say? I'm a lucky guy to love my day job and have my nights with my passions. How many people can say that? Heh.

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