Monday, April 18

Putting up with Crap

Stayed at home sick with a stomach bug. Thanks to that, finally got to watch an episode of the much-hyped Darna TV series.

The story- well, there really is no story save what has been established. Narda (Angel Locsin) is a witless, spineless, vapid doormat of a girl who works as a janitress who is continually being harassed by primadonna Valentina (Alessandra de Rossi), her cousin and sworn enemy (in both of her personas) who manipulates the slow-witted heroine to her pleasure and that of her equally irritating evil dona of a mom. Then we are introduced to Carmina Villaroel as Valentina's rival, who looks really pretty at least. In perhaps the stupidest scene in the show, Narda drops the power stone when Carmina bumps into her. Carmina picks up the stone, and then asks Narda if she can keep it. Spineless Narda can't even say anything to get the stone back- Carmina practically gives it back on her own. DAMN this is bad writing.

Oh, and Narda's in love with EFren (who doesn't remember her since he has amnesia) who tries to talk a suicidal bum from jumping off a building. He manages to save the psycho's kid, but then suddenly the guy pushes him. The guy must be damn strong or Efren just damn clumsy since he ends up dangling from a flagpole even though they were all safe in the middle of the building's rooftop a second before. Narda finally realizes that she should swallow that rock since it's almost time for the episode to end and the title character hasn't been seen at all. And so for about 30 seconds, Darna finally appears to save the day, but sadly not this crapper of a show.

The scenes are overlong and dragging as hell. Never mind the damn acting or crappy effects. The show is boring and braindead and I just want it to die already. Choke on a fricking stone.


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