Monday, May 2

Enchanted Realms

Sunshine Dizon stars as a fiery warrior in Encantadia.

Tonight I caught the tail end of the primer program for Encantadia, the newest fantaserye (fantasy drama series) from GMA 7. While I was quite skeptical from the start (and rightly so) with the much-hyped superhero crapper Darna, I am actually quite impressed with this new title.
Starring a host of lovely actresses/models as four princesses of four powerful kingdoms that make up the magical realm of Encantadia, the show boasts quite impressive visuals, in terms of costumes and sets; these are easily the equal of any Filipino fantasy movie (which is not saying much really but it's still surprisingly good). The show certainly looks pretty, but of course it all falls to the story, the performances and the characters to really show off the quality of the show.

However, the sight of armored warrior-vixens, dwarves, magical spells and some pretty nice-looking art direction has me wanting to catch the show already. I'm a sucker for both epic fantasy and local mythology, and I have enjoyed fantasy-tinged local films like Ang Panday, Once Upon A Time and even comedic clunkers like Pedro Penduko. And now, Encantadia. I have good vibes with this... Let's see how it goes. The show starts tomorrow on GMA7's primetime slot.

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