Friday, May 6

Phone Lust Rising...

I still want one.

It's been at least five months since I last switched phones/communicators. It's a boon to my wallet that my graduation to a Pocket PC Phone in my XDA II has pretty much limited me to lusting for that very particular range of devices. Yeah, despite some rather nice models from Nokia and Sony Ericsson, they are pretty much beneath my notice. Once you see the loveliness of PPC software, apps and games, there's no going back to Symbian. And yes, once you get used to watching your movies in Windows Media Player, or even better, Pocket TV, even the once-perfect Smartmovie now comes off as pale and inferior when you compare the AVIs to real WMVs and MPEGs.

And so, the only logical step for me to ever upgrade is with the O2 XDA II Mini AKA the I-Mate JAM AKA the HTC Magician. I've been telling myself that I really don't NEED the upgrade, but dagnab it... I WANT it. The form factor just rocks and the smaller size will make it less visible under my shirt (my current XDA II stands out like a brick unless I wear black tees). The supposedly better battery life will be cool (the XDA II lasts only a day at best with normal use)... I'll be happy with two full days with normal use. On the minus side, the 1.3 megapixel camera of the Mini is supposedly not up to par with equivalent facilities on other cameraphones, but it will surely be better than VGA. However, that's really not important for me.
Lastly, the screen. I'll miss the huge screen of the XDA II, but with the same resolution, I should get used to it fast. Anyway, I lasted for quite a while with far smaller screens in all my past smartphones and the P910i.

This will be my next 'project'. It will be sometime till the next comic- be it Angel Ace: Heaven's Punishment or K.I.A. 2. I think I deserve to be a phone whore again.

This post to be continued in a couple of months, when I have my mini in my hands.

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