Saturday, May 7

Solar Power

Solar USA is fast becoming my favorite channel these days. Not only has it returned the crass class of the WWE to my life, the recent additions of its new Jack TV block have given reality gag shows aplenty, raunchy and action-packed cartoons and finally... FINALLY... some tech and videogame programs. Today, I caught Cheat and Filter in the afternoon, both shows apparently from G4 TechTV (which presently has my lost favorite Extended Play/X-Play in it's lineup. And while I still miss Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler, the new shows show off quite a lot of game footage, strategies AND techie goodies up the wazoo. This is a GREAT leap over having to watch the same THREE episodes of Evolver over and over and over again. I just hope that these showings are the start of a regular program instead of just flukes.

Aside from Solar, my other fave channels these days are ETC, though not for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy or those raunchy dating shows. Nope, ETC gives me my daily fix of Hollywood, through The Late Show and Conan O' Brien, and with Entertainment Tonight (though it's so tabloid-y... is that a word?).
Then there are my eternal staples: AXN, Discovery Channel and Animax (despite the latter having some ho-hum series lately).

With so much to watch, it's no wonder that I haven't been to any DVD stalls lately. Or to the anime shop. But then, that should change. I gotta keep my otaku and criminal sides healthy too, to keep myself well-rounded. Heheh.

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