Thursday, May 5


I had lunch at home today, in celebration of my parents' 43rd Wedding Anniversary. Yep, 43 years together and still going strong. And hopefully, they'll stay that way for a few more decades to come. Heh. Anyway, work beckoned afterwards, so I was off on the MRT right after the meal. The good thing was I finally had a chance to go through Cubao's Gateway Mall and walk through the now-open bridgeway connecting the Aurora MRT to the EDSA train. It was pretty neat- getting down at the station, walking through the classy and lovely mall and to Farmer's Plaza without ever reaching open sky. Unfortunately, the mall and the walkway aren't open when it's most important for me- during early rush hour. Oh well, I guess I can make do to enjoy the more accessible Gateway in the afternoon or evening, during the off-chance I don't spend my after-work hours at Megamall and The Blood Bank.

Thanks to the recent developments, Cubao- Araneta Center in particular- is spectacular. The only reservations are, of course, security seeing how some depressed areas are still just right outside the lighted mall areas and al fresco restos. But we may just find ourselves (the gang) having dinner sometime under the Cubao Night Sky. As long as we take care and avoid the areas that smell of piss, I think we should do fine. Heh.

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