Wednesday, May 4

English Duds

Months and months after, I'm still gritting my teeth in agony whenever I watch one of Animax's crappy english dubs. The worst for me so far is Stratos 4, with their Bwookwyn and gangster-accented voices and retarded deliveries and dead air. Then there's the horrible job they did on Chobits which pretty much killed the cuteness of the main character, Chii. It's irritating as well to hear the same voices on various shows- it's weird to hear the voice of wise Detective Dan from Detective School Q coming from the evil Emperor of the Zaibach Empire in Vision of Escaflowne, or young sleuth Kyu's voice also coming from the lips of the maniacal Dulandau. It's pretty tiresome to have every old man sound the same, every young girl sound the same and so on. The english dubs as well seem to degrade the quality of the series they infest... and it seems that Animax may be sensing this. Take for example Saiyuki Reload, which started off in english. They've since abruptly returned the show to the Japanese dub for some reason. Well, I'm not complaining.

My question is, how did Filipino voice acting (the accents are unmistakeable) suddenly get on Animax, via the Digimon series? Is it because Digimon is being promoted locally? Or are we going to see more and more shows being dubbed by the local Dragonball dubbers?

Oh God NO. A thousands times NO.

The day that tagalog-sounding dubbers start infesting the Animax series is the day I start a petition. BAH.

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