Thursday, May 5


The sun sets for Lee, AKA the Fallen Angel.

Last night I got a couple of comics, one being the 4th issue of Shanna the She-Devil. The other was Fallen Angel 20, which is sadly the last issue of the title's run. I really love the character, the look and feel of the book, which is why I am really hoping that writer Peter David somehow pushes through with his plans to continue the series with another publisher. For now though, at least I have the satisfaction of having the entire 20-issue run completed (and the TPB as well). Once I have the time I'll just sit down with the lot and have a good, long read.

Fallen Angel was about the adventures of Lee, a shadowy, mysterious femme fatale and vigilante, sometimes fighting against, sometimes fighting for, the many dangerous factions and individuals in the dark, crime-infested city of Bete Noir. Written by Peter David, with art by David Lopez and Fernando Blanco.

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