Wednesday, May 4


It's been a whirlwind of work in The Salt Mines since Monday, which I recall was apparently declared a non-working holiday. Well, no matter that most of the working population was relaxing at home or enjoying their prolonged weekend... me and the crew at the office were working on a pitch which had us cooped up literally until the wee hours of the Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately, even after that, the day before me boded little rest. I had to attend a shoot for a pseudo-TV commercial. Now, shoots are usually cool things to attend, since agency people are usually treated like royalty. However, this shoot had rude and irritatingly self-serving crewmembers who hogged every seat and made it exceedingly hard to even get a good view of the monitor. Someone even stole my sandwich. SOMEONE STOLE MY FRICKIN' SANDWICH! Tama ba 'yon???!

GAH. Well, the only good thing was that the tail end of the shoot was held relatively near my homestead, so I didn't have any problem getting home in time to watch some primetime TV (instead of getting much-needed rest), particularly Encantadia, the new GMA7 Fantaserye (fantasy drama series) which I, amazingly enough, find quite enjoyable. Yes, despite some pedestrian acting and painful swordfighting choreography, Encantadia impresses with great (if derivative) costumes and sets, nice CG effects and best of all, a good pace to the precedings which so far has succeeded in keeping the show interesting and never dragging. What can I say? Encantadia rocks!

Also got to watch the newest shows on Channel 17 (USA Network), particularly the new shows on their Jack TV block. This includes a gaggle of reality gag shows and hidden camera skits, and some new cartoons like South Park and the raunchy Stripperella (voiced by Pamela Sue Anderson). Lots of interesting stuff- glad to see the channel has more than just WWE shows. Heh.

Well, the rest of the week doesn't look like it's going to let up... still got quite a bit more to go. But then, these things pay the bills and that's never bad. I'll also be paying off the balance for K.I.A. soon so that's behind me at least. Darn.

Can't wait for the weekend.

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