Tuesday, April 5

Around the World in 80 Girls

Watched an episode of Oprah which was pretty interesting. It featured segments from all over the world and showed what the life of a 30-year old female was like in countries aside from America. It was pretty fascinating to see and learn stuff like...

Women in Kuwait live like royalty, getting free education, world-class health care and cash gifts from the government. The Kuwaiti woman featured owns her own fleet of luxury cars, has her own home and can shop and buy anything she likes. The only con? She can't vote. Poor baby.

Women in Mexico don't diet or watch their weight since Mexican men love curves. Unfortunately for the tequila-drinking, siesta-taking Mexicanas, infidelity is rampant and the law heavily skewed in favor of the philandering males.

Women in England are very available since there are 4 women for every man.

Women in Australia have to take lots of sun block since Down Under is the Skin Cancer capital of the world...

Women in Brazil work more on their bodies and beauty treatments than much anything else.

As for women in The Philippines, our local lasses are personified on the episode by model Angel Aquino, who talked about how we Pinoys enjoy breaks like merienda, and how we love our coffee (we have 67 Starbucks!).

It's not all sweet and light though; women in Iraq have to contend with the danger of rape, murder and the constant lack of order and basic necessities like electricity and water. Good thing some women can pack an AK-47 to defend themselves.

The climax of the show was the feature of a 30-year old woman in Ghana, where a terrible act of genocide almost massacred an entire race of people. The woman survived and escaped the murderous militia that killed her entire family, and went on to become a mother to her child and two adopted orphans. Oprah finished the show by having the woman on her show and granting her most fervent wish- to attend college.

Wow. I should watch this show more often. Heh.

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