Saturday, April 9

Better Late than Never

Mike Banting and me at Comic Quest.

The first time I met Mike Banting was apparently two years ago, at the C3Con. I do remember him, though I'm horrible with names so I couldn't connect very well faces with names. Anyway, it was during that Con of Cons that I formulated the idea for K.I.A. and started recruiting people like Hai, Wilson Tortosa and Gerry to do stuff for the anthology.
I saw the work of Mike and Chad in their ashcan, and I was particularly struck by an artwork of a martial arts girl they drew. I liked the style and so I e-mailed them, asking them if they would like to join the K.I.A. project. They were very enthusiastic and sent in cool art and pages. All our communications were through e-mail, so it was pretty cool that, almost two years later, with K.I.A. finally a reality, I was able to meet them. Well, at least Mike, since Chad is out of the country. Too bad they missed out on the pizza and chicken and meeting the other Team K.I.A. members, but we'll have another meet and greet someday.

It was really nice to meet such talented and enthusiastic comic people, and to be able to have their talents on board to make stuff like K.I.A. what it is now. Thanks, Mike! Let's all work together again soon.

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