Wednesday, April 6

More Manga

This is a pleasant surprise. The last time I saw Cherry Blossom High was last, last year, during the C3Con. This project, helmed by Jason, got a bunch of us together (including me, Vin, Dean, Elbert, Hai and Joel Chua) to produce a manga anthology for girls (shoujo manga). Yep, this predates Mango JAM, though admittedly we may be at a disadvantage since NONE of us are girls (at least, I think). Well, it's now out so we hope you give it a shot.
The four stories inside range from Buffy-like supernatural action (Crystal) to fantasy (Clockwork), mystery (Beach Blossoms) to teen romance. The art's pretty good, the stories nice (in a girly way) so check it out!

Jason and Armor Troopers' artist Armand Roy Canlas bring you a one-shot about a youth thrown into a war between magical fighting machines and aliens.

Both of these books are priced at Php80 and can be found exclusively at Comic Quest, your indie comic source! Go get 'em! And a copy of K.I.A. in case you haven't gotten one already. Heh.

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