Saturday, April 9

Old Favorite

Last night, it was just me and Vin, and for dinner we took a drive over to Countryside restaurant over at Katipunan. This place is an institution in the area. No ambience, really- though it does possess a simple, back-to-basics provincial charm- but the barbecue is divine. We ordered our staples- me just simple sticks of pork barbecue, while Vin has his chicken gizzards and pork ears. But the capper for us was the chicken sotanghon soup, which we both loved and first tasted at least a year or two ago. Since that first time we haven’t been able to get an opportunity to order the soup again (it was either not in stock or in one instance, even forgotten), but tonight was a reunion.
The soup had that comforting, strong flavor- may be a bit salty for other people, but we both were getting second and third helpings. Yum. This was something to be savored, since we probably wouldn’t get this meal again anytime soon.

On the television in the common area, we watched the funeral of Pope John Paul II. We talked about stuff both about the Pope and about the world at large. Good things, bad things, weird things. But in the end it was all about that yummy chicken sotanghon soup. If only every problem and argument could be solved or at least forgotten over a meal. Oh well.

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