Friday, April 8

Tightening Belts

Though K.I.A.'s out, I am still paying for it. The balance for the printing is due at the end of the month, and so I have to cut down costs when I have to. This past week had me paying bills, and more will come next week. But really, things should go smoothly, so long as I minimize extravagant expenditures. So I just have to...

Minimize my morning taxi rides- which come at about Php200 from home to the office

Resist any bloodletting at the Blood Bank that's not a priority title or book

Avoid going to Comic Alley or anime shops and keep my eyes away from any Gashopon figurine sets

Resist getting any DVD sets or splurging on large numbers of anime VCDs

Just following these four items should help get me through the month comfortably enough. I still see myself getting my bare essential comics every week, and maybe a game or two this weekend at Greenhills. After everything's said and done I can finally think about other stuff and maybe even be a Phone Whore again. HOHO! We'll see.

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