Friday, April 8

Battle Stations

This whole week has been a bit of a storm of work. It was so busy, I couldn't afford to not come to the office, though a couple of days I was teetering on the precipice of getting sick. Usually I'd come home and stay up for a while, enjoying replays of primetime series on AXN after midnight... but for this whole week I came home, just watched the news and was in bed by midnight. However, this has its drawbacks too. Going to bed early makes me get up early. I'd suddenly bolt up at about 5:30 AM, take a bathroom stop, have a glass of cold water and flop back into bed. Then I'd wake up from the alarm clock groggy and befuddled as if I'd gone to bed at 3 or 4. BAH.

Anyway, thankfully I didn't get totally sick. Taking vitamins helped, and though I felt like a rotting zombie by Wednesday, a couple of pills and some more rest helped a lot. Ya gotta love drugs. Mahahaha!

So by now, I'm almost normal. Still busy though. And that should carry through for several more weeks. Sigh.

At leat this week's about to end, thank goodness. Looking forward to a pause in the action, even for a little while.

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