Monday, April 4

The Week After

Ah. It's Monday again.

In the storm of releasing K.I.A. and holding the Meet and Greet, I wasn't able to give much attention to other stuff. Well, that's going to change since the book is out there already and it's all a matter of maintenance from now on. Not as hectic, but I should keep myself on my toes to keep promoting the book and hopefully get word around.

But thankfully, this also means I can get back to my regular scheduled blogging. Heh.

Anyway, of course while I was busy with the comic, the world mourned or rejoiced at the passing of Pope John Paul II. I have never been a really religious person, but the Papa was a good man, a great man, and he was the only Pope I've ever known. I remember reading the comics about his life when I was in elementary school, remembered the times that he visited here, rolling around in the Pope Mobile. I remember that terrifying assassination attempt, and his conciliatory meeting afterwards with his would-be murderer. He was always there, and now he's gone back to God. We'll probably never see another one quite like him.

Oh well. Life goes on.

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