Saturday, April 9

It Came From The Cyberzone...

Went around the Cyberzone at Megamall last night. The Nokia 3230 smartphone is already available at the shops for about 22K, which makes it a lot cheaper relatively to phones like the 7610 and 6630 did when they debuted. For that, you get a nice 1.3 Megapixel camera, a big screen, cool multimedia and an FM radio, and more. The form factor's actually a bit odd... it kinda looks like a TV to me, with the scrunched-up keys at the bottom, but it's a cool phone. I winced when I saw displays of the O2 XDA II Mini and the I-mate JAM (which are basically the same)... the smallest PPC phone is already being advertised on TV, and from what I can follow it's pretty popular. Which is GOOD since that will hopefully drive prices down a lot later this year, when I MAY consider upgrading to one. Mmm.

What else... no new games... I am still looking to get a copy of Rise of the Kasai despite some reviews mentioning some faulty AI. I really want this game, so there. Got a copy of EGM, which was pretty cool... but I am reeling from how crappy the DVD of the latest PSM Magazine was. BAH. Well, whatever. I'll try to go to Greenhills this weekend and get me a Clone Wars dvd and a game or two. Oh, how I love my breaktime.

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