Wednesday, April 6

Ding! Nakakabato!

Angel Locsin takes flight as Darna!

It's been hyped to death in full page print ads on the broadsheets, preceded by TV documentary features and even segments on GMA news. This week, the wait ended for Pinoys as the much-anticipated Darna TV series finally went on air. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the 30-minute pilot episode, since the show's at the primetime slot in evenings, at a time when I'm out on the road or having dinner at Megamall. Well, the first episode is THE talk of the town right now at the Alamat mailing list, and it's pretty hilarious. I mean, the mailing list is pretty full of comic book people who are VERY fickle and have high standards. Of course you'd expect them to say if crap is crap.

Well, the word on the first Darna episode is pretty clear. It's the same old, same old. Expecting something fresh and new and groundbreaking that will appeal to both masa and comic-book fan alike?

What the hell were you thinking?

We've got the rich vs. poor angle yet again, perpetuating the fact that this tripe really is just for the masa who love rooting for the underdog. Rich people burn down poor people's houses, harrass and oppress them and generally gives a young Narda the reason to kick their asses once she becomes Darna (of course that won't happen since she's a good guy). BAH.

You've got CRYING, SCREAMING, BAWLING and more CRYING. CRY, CRY, CRY. This is a superhero adventure, not a tearjerker drama, DAMN IT. Get the the action!!! Give us strength, give us faith! Don't give us more reasons to hate rich people!

You've got designs of spaceships ripped from Star Wars. Hmm. Maybe Lucasfilm is using Darna to hype Episode III?

You have cheesy acting and cookie-cutter characters. Well, that was pretty much expected.

Darna doesn't even show up in the first episode! Wow, I guess a lot of Angel Locsin fans were disappointed. Heh.

Even in the office, people are saying that so far the first couple of episodes are slow, slow, slow. And I thought our scriptwriters learned something from all those fast-paced and addictive Korean/Mexican series that are gobbling up ratings? Take two steps back...

Anyway, I still want to see an episode, if only so I can rant more effectively. But then, if this is like Mulawin, I'll probably lose interest if nothing but boring dialogue or flirting happens for five minutes straight. Moving on...

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