Monday, April 4

Local Comic Buzz

Over pizza and chicken during the K.I.A. Meet and Greet, I was able to chat with old and new friends, and learn about stuff that's going to happen in the future. Well, since the people I chatted with are all Komikeros and grafictionists, the range of predictions is limited to this arena. Sorry, no Lottery combinations.

Anyway, Arnold Arre is working on a gaggle of stuff, including a collaboration with Lastikman scribe Gerry Alanguilan for a super spin-off title starring their new heroine Atomika, a remastered edition of his classic Mythology Class complete with all-new scenes, fleshing-out of character and other goodies (think the Star Wars sequels but a LOT better acting and no Jar Jar Binks) and the mysterious Martial Law Babies book.

Dean Alfar has been teased into taking out his first, though as yet incomplete, comic project, The Lost from the back burner and hopefully into the light as a trade paperback/collected release.

Jennyson Rosero showed off his lovely lovely No Man's Land manga from international publisher Seven Seas, and we can probably look forward to at least several more issues of this Witchcraft meets Wild West title. More BABES, Jen! More BABES!!!

Marvin del Mundo and Michael Seludo are still working on Ignition Comix, their cool anthology comic-zine, with issue 3 on the way.

While he was conspicuously absent during the Meet and Greet, Baylans master Jason Banico has secured the release of a couple of Psicom-published local manga comics- the teeny-bopper anthology Cherry Blossom High (which the gang worked on), and the fantasy-mecha adventure Mystic Machine Maharlika.

As for what's next for me? The beginnings of the next volume of K.I.A. is already being worked out in my head. What about Angel Ace? I am trying to work out how to keep both characters running, if not both books. We'll see what comes out... suffice to say, Kai and Angel are forever linked, and you can never really have one without the other... at least not for too long. Flip book? Cross-over? Somehow, someway, I'll make it work. I guess only time will tell. Heh. Yeah, I AM a tease.

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