Saturday, November 30

The Long Walk Home

After work I hurried over to Saisaki restaurant in Megamall. The company was there; Dean and Nikki, Jason, Carl and surprisingly, Tony Bucu. They'd been there apparently since eight or so, so they had mostly finished dinner. It was a buffet-style dinner, and since I was famished I went off and tried samples from all the tables. I got some nice Japanese Fried Rice and some tenderloin, gyoza dumplings, tempura and lasagna. For dessert, I got a plate with samples of cakes and pastries... though I passed on the Creme Brulette. Pretty good and I was satisfied, though now I feel for the price I paid I should have eaten a LOT more. Oh, well.
We stayed at Saisaki until closing, the topic of conversation moving from favorite films ('What are your five favorite films of ALL time?') to classic (read: BAD) commercials and jingles. We resolved to go home immediately after, but the absence of taxis forced us (sans Tony, who left by then) to take refuge at Chibo for tea and coffee. We talked about a variety of topics again, ranging from how ridiculous Jason would look as Spiderman to how Matrix-like the restaurant's toilet was.
We made our way past St. Francis Square and eventually made it to Podium... Still no taxis. Carl remarked that at the rate we were going, we would probably reach home before we ever get a taxi. Dean and Nikki eventually gave up and opted to get a pricey taxi at a nearby hotel. We decided to stick it out.
We walked from Podium to Robinson's Galleria. There, Jason was finally able to get a cab to Makati. That left Carl and me. We made our way to EDSA, noting that the apparent Midnight Sale at the Galleria was the reason for the lack of taxis. AAARGH. Anyway, it turned out that we ultimately took the bus to Cubao. There, we lingered for a while at the front of the moviehouse at the junction of EDSA and Aurora Boulevards, looking over pirate VCDs and cheap porn. Yep, we were slumming. Well, we were tired, frustrated and irate. We needed release.
Eventually, we got on a jeepney headed for Cogeo. I got down at my stop, and that was it for the night. Or was it morning? There's a meeting set for the upcoming Comics Convention today, but I can't see myself getting up in a few hours for it. We'll see. Darn. Three o' clock in the morning and I'm still up. Is that a rooster I hear? DAMN...

Friday, November 29

Nude at Work

Today, we had something special at the office. As part of the company's special training gigs, a Nude Sketching Session was scheduled. The office hired a couple of models, one male and one female, and everyone in the company who wanted to try out sketching bodies in the buff were invited to have a go. As you'd expect, people were kind of squeamish at the idea of naked flesh, but a good number of people eventually showed up to draw, and from various departments aside from Creatives and Studio. The venue was an empty office space across from our own office. The place was bare, but several chairs and stools, sofas and even a beanbag were provided. Of course, you had to bring your own paper and pencils.
The session went pretty quietly and smoothly. Noticeably, a lot more people drew the girl instead of the guy, me included. Heh. Anyway, for anyone who's never been to a nude sketching or painting session, there's no room for horseplay or anything else aside from the drawing itself. Typically, the model will take up a specific pose, and remain in that position as long as they can. The poses are of course never scandalous, and actually you don't really see the models' privates (aside from the girl's breasts).
For the record, the girl wasn't beautiful. Wasn't ugly, wasn't gorgeous. Somewhere in between. Not enough to make me break a sweat or get me breathing hard. As for the guy... well, I didn't really care. Heh.

It was a change in pace from the usual creative thinking or strategic brainstorming or copywriting. Pretty cool, actually. What's next? Maybe we can do sculpting. Or maybe a cooking seminar. You never can tell what may they'll think of next...
Bloody Good Fun

Everyone's kung-fu fighting again in the latest Mortal Kombat game.

As I posted yesterday, I got myself a copy of the Xbox version of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, the latest game in the controversial fighting videogame series. FYI, Mortal Kombat is all about a martial arts tournament held to maintain the status quo of peace between the realm of Earth (that's us) and the Outworld, a harsh and brutal dimension ruled by the evil immortal Shao Khan (which was so wonderfully brought to life by the second MK movie... note my heavy sarcasm here). Anyway, the game's subtitle refers to the 'Deadly Alliance' between sorcerers Shang Tsung and Quan Chi, who become so dangerous together than they are able to eliminate both Shao Khan and Liu Kang from the picture. Liu Kang was the former champion of MK and until MKDA has been the series' main hero (played by actor Robin Shou in the movies); so you can tell MKDA makes it clear that this game is going to be different from previous games in the series.

Anyway, where does MKDA improve? Well, in almost everything. The graphics are full 3-D and sport excellent character models which have cool designs, a semi-realistic, semi-cartoony western style and fluid, lifelike animations. Furthermore, the cookie-cutter repertoire of attacks and palette swap characters have been nixed in favor of a balanced roster of fighters, each with unique moves and fighting styles. BTW, each character now has three different fighting styles, all of which are apparently based on real martial arts like taekwondo, escrima, Shaolin fist, crane-style kung fu and more. Included are weapon styles like sai, butterfly swords, bamboo cane, nunchucks, tonfa and more. Whew! That's a whole lot of fighting.
Anyway, this IS Mortal Kombat so there's a lot of blood and gore. Unlike Japanese fighters that shun heavy-handed gory effects in favor of more realistic animation, MKDA shows the red stuff flow freely and remain on the arena floors like garish paint. Plus, bruises, cuts and swellings will now appear on characters' faces when they get beat up. I have to say I don't really like seeing my fighters (especially the women) looking all black and blue after a fight, but what can you do? It DOES look more real, but I prefer the Japanese approach (you'll never see the DOA girls get so much as a chipped nail). And yes, the Fatalities are still here (though only one per character) so you can tear the heart out of your helpless victim, er, opponent, after the battle. Cool. Heh.
Anyway, another great thing about MKDA is the tons of secrets you unlock by earning money and buying 'koffins' in the MK Krypt. These goodies range from new characters to art to stuff swiped from some programmer's desk. Well, it's replay value.
I played quite a few rounds last night, and I have to say it was fun. There are still quirks and flaws, like questionable CPU AI that switches from moronic to godlike skill levels depending on the round, and the difficulty of some minigames. However, it's enjoyable, somewhat mature and yet juvenile entertainment and one of the better games available on the Xbox or Playstation 2. Recommended!

Plus, opening those koffins will help pass the time till the release of DOAX in January... Sigh...
For a full review, visit my game board here.

Thursday, November 28

The Story So Far...

The Angel Ace Saga Cover Gallery

It's actually your typical story of boy meets girl. Except that I also put in some extras, like an ex-KGB foster father, a former best friend who's also a super-powered assassin, their all-female, all-beautiful secret organization, a mysterious and sinister megacorporation, a masked serial bomber and criminal mastermind, bits of sci-fi, fantasy, ancient civilizations, dark spirits, lots of action-packed fight scenes and liberal amounts of manga-esque comedy. Where will I take it next? Ever forward, of course. Ever forward and upward. The sky's the limit.

If you're intrigued about the series and haven't seen it, copies are available in Comic Quest if you're in Manila, Philippines. Otherwise, you can still get lots of info and stuff on Angel at our official website.
Trying to find my Angel a muse...

You can do it, Marc!

As pointed out in my blog heading, I'm a comic book creator. Well, I actually haven't been able to devote as much time as I'd want to on my personal creation, Angel Ace.
Angel Ace is my manga action-adventure series about a girl who can fly (in a nutshell). I've been able to release five issues (well, seven if you count the two issues of the original non-manga incarnation) of the story, completing the introductory story arc. However, I seem to have reached an impasse.
The reason for this is perhaps a conflict on what happens next? I've been working on a quiet, interlude-type story for the next issue, but it hasn't come together as easily as I'd want. On the other hand I could also just try to get into another action story right away, with lots of sexy girls and fight scenes. But I still feel there needs to be a segue before fireworks or another major storyline starts once again. I guess I'll realize it when the pages start getting churned out again.
I also think part of the problem as well is my decision to turn Angel into a webcomic. What do I keep as printed stuff, and what do I put online? Another obstacle is financial reasons; publishing in our country is expensive, and every such venture is a major operation.
Sigh. I've promised myself that I'd put out a book soon... not within the year, but soon. I'll get to it, mark my words... I'll get Angel flying again before long.
The Day's Catch

Despite it being a pretty busy week, I still managed to sneak out of the office for my literal round of Makati. I was able to get Mike a DVD of the second volume of Rahxephon, a somewhat high-concept but unquestionably high quality anime series which seems to meld mecha with a Matrix-hidden world theme. I was also able to get for myself a copy of the new PS2 wrestling game WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth!(Gotta love that title) and the Xbox version of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.
I've got the games... question is, when can I play them since times are busy right now. Sigh. Whatver. Where there's a will, there's a way.
It's Newtype... but NOT.

Yesterday, I did the usual 'leeching' at Comic Quest Megamall for my weekly comic fix. I went home with only two items... but they made up in size and price (Damn you, Mike!!!) for the quantity. One was the latest Previews, which I get regularly as a matter of course. The other is the first issue of the english Newtype magazine.
FYI, Newtype is a Japanese 'Moving Pictures' mag which primarily deals with anime and film. It's quite large and very visually interesting, with full-page spreads of anime art and stills, and lots of articles... all of it in Japanese, of course. Well, I made it a point to buy Newtype issues whenever I could, simply for the art. Plus, they often came with great posters and giveaways like postcards and even DVDs.
Well, what can I say about the much-hyped english version? Well, it captures the look of the authentic Japanese mag. I'm just not sure about the content; is this the same as the Japanese copies, or is it more skewed towards US audiences? The ads in the english Newtype are obviously from ADV Films and other US companies; part of the pleasure in leafing through the Japanese mag is seeing what is actually in vogue in Nippon. That's kinda lost, I think. Otherwise, the content is pretty good though; there are J-Pop articles, interviews with seiyuu (anime voice actors) and even a translated manga (not the same Five Star Stories as in the Japanese Newtype though). Overall, it's not a bad buy; perhaps even an excellent pick for serious anime fans.
Well it has to be for the price... Pretty expensive. Anyway, with a DVD free inside, I am impressed. At the very least I can start reading my Newtype as well as stare at it.
Hot Stuff.

Oh-Kay... (trying to have an air of normalcy) I came home wanting to have a snack. My parents seem to have gotten a taste for microwave popcorn, and for every day for the past two weeks I've been coming home to a house smelling of slightly burnt butter. They always offer me some or tell me to make my own bag, but I've so far said "I will..." but never did. Well, tonight I wanted a bag of nice, steaming-hot, butter-basted, exploded kernels. Of course, there's none left. GAH. Anyway, I was forced to look for other sustenance. I was simply out of chips, candy or anything edible in the Sanctum caches. Luckily though, there were a couple of Lucky Me! Wok Noodles in the fridge. It took some time, but I was finally able to fix up a bowl of the extra spicy noodles.
I have to say, Lucky Me! simply cornered the instant Pancit Canton market in the Philippines (Far and away the most delicious instant soup-less noodles in the country), and their quality and taste extends to their new stuff. Delicious. And HOT. Good thing I had a half a bottle of Coke to wash it down. Still, I'm breathing lethal fumes at the time of this writing. Great. Better brush my mouth with toothpaste AND detergent to get rid of the smell.
Still, tasted great though.
Kick me. Please. HARDER!

If you haven't noticed, my blog looks like it got fricked and fracked. And it's all my own doing. Well, that's what happens when you try and mess with things that you don't fully understand. Anyway, I tried my best to at least get stuff to read back online. But I'm about as good at doing code as I am with deciphering heiroglyphics... so it's pretty grim. Hopefully we can get our webgoddess Cynthia to make things right... Sigh. What a day.

Tuesday, November 26

Word WITCHery

Can anyone tell me why the dialogue in the recent issues of WITCH comic/zine read like a badly-dubbed foreign film? The english and grammar are horrible. Nikki Alfar told me this a while ago, but I only now realized it when I scanned through some pages of the latest issue (I guess I really have been neglecting to read them). Some example of dialogue:
Will getting attacked by a water-creature:
"Aah! Let me go, you bad beast!"
Will leaving after an argument with her mom...
"Whew! I did it. I though mommy would follow me! She has such a bad characteristic."

The HELL..!? Someone call the Translation Police! Crime in progress!

If you asked Conan the Barbarian, he'd answer,
If you asked my old copywriting teacher, he'd say
"Scratching itches, talking about other people, and eating free food." (translated from Filipino).
My kind of TIME.

I went wandering around during lunch, walking from having lunch at KFC Greenbelt (sampling the new Cheezy Bacon Hotshots... Delicious but you have apply the cheezy powder yourself, like flavored popcorn) all the way to Glorietta Mall. I went to Park Square and got the latest issue of WITCH (which I collect solely for the art). Later, I passed by Bibliarch and picked up the new issue of TIME Magazine... because it has Lord of the Rings on the cover. It has a fair-sized feature on the second film, The Two Towers, and great pics. I'll have nice bathroom reading later.
Revenge is best served BLOODY.

I was just lying in bed flipping channels when I came upon two channels, Star Mandarin and VIVA channel, back to back, each showing Asian movies that have revenge themes. They are also both a bit old, and have pretty cheezy, over-the-top and crazy stunts. One of them is The Story of Ricky, or Ricky-Oh, a Hong Kong flick I first saw years ago. This is a category III movie, meaning it's been given a mature or adults only rating in HK due to extreme sex or violence. Ricky-Oh's content is mostly violence; bloody, meatgrinder-gory violence. Basically, it's the story of a young man named Ricky (whose huge muscles, long hair and black pants make him a perfect actor to play Lui Kang in Mortal Kombat) who enters a corrupt prison in order to find the source of an opium ring that killed his loved one. This pits Ricky against super-strong convicts who serve the literally demonic warden, including acrobatic kung-fu fighters and brutal thugs and armies of guards. A funny thing is that HK action actress Yukari Oshima (Cynthia Luster to Manilenos) appears as one of the enemies; and yes, she is supposed to be male in this film. Lots of bloody deaths, spattering gore and exploding bodies mix with trademark HK goofiness and humor to make this a bloody classic. I was fortunate enough to see an uncensored version years ago, when Star Movies Mandarin didn't censor their films on TV. Heh.
The other revenge movie of the night is an old Filipino film, Anino ni David Crusado (Shadow of David Crusado) It stars stuntman/action star (I refuse to call him an actor) Dante Varona in a dual role as a man named David Crusado (and his twin brother) who tries to resist the evil Don who runs the provincial hacienda. The Don of course has David killed... but that only seems to make him mad. The hero returns, apparently alive, and clad in shiny black robes (with pointy hood) and wielding a scythe. This spectre of Death then starts to terrorize the Don and his men, beheading his targets. The film then moves onto various hilarious duels as a hodgepodge of 'martial artists' and hired killers try to put David Crusado back into his grave. The sword/bolo/scythe duels are laughable, and David Crusado has got to be one of the most taciturn heroes ever. ALL of the extras who play thugs get to ham it out with adlibbed dialogue while the hero just stares at them silently. As Filipino films go, this has average production values (funny costumes; the final bad guy wears red shiny robes and a mask he could have bought from a toy store), so it naturally looks horrible. But it's actually entertaining in a low-brow way, with blind hermits, cave hideouts filled with booby traps, a main villain who rants like J.Jonah Jameson, a lady love in distress and a hero who wields a scythe AND a machine gun. What more can you want?
Ah, revenge. Base emotions portrayed in base films. Gotta love that. Heh.

Monday, November 25

Cherished Bonds

It's only a few days away from the Manila showing of the latest James Bond flick, Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan reprising the role of Agent 007. Noticeably getting considerable billing is Oscar-award winner Halle Berry, who plays the part of Jinx, an beautiful and fickle American NSA agent. I've read good reviews, calling DAD the 'best Bond film in a long, long time'. I hope so. The series has seen lots of better days... in fact, I have to say I became a lukewarm Bond fan since Mr. Brosnan donned the tux and started guzzling those martinis.
I don't blame Brosnan; I still think he DOES have the perfect look of a Bond, as much as either Roger Moore or Sean Connery (I still think Connery was the best Bond, with Moore second if only for his great, enjoyable films). However, the 'real-life' direction of the Bond films, which started with Timothy Dalton's tour of duty, really took away the FUN of the series for me (guess who my WORST Bond is...)
I don't care if that was the way of the original books by Ian Fleming. I want large-scale plots. I want armies of thugs. I want the evil, twisted masterminds. I want the scary henchman with the weird schticks. That's James Bond! WHERE IS SPECTRE!?! Bring Ernst Stavros Blofeld back to kick the ass out of Dr. Evil!
Anyway, the Dalton flicks were horrible. I HATE Dalton's dull, expressionless, monotone-voiced Bond. I hated License to Kill, with it's attempt at real-world plots. Colombian drug lords? BORING!!! The only good thing there was Carey Lowell in a swimsuit. Otherwise, CRAP. Don't even get me started on Living Daylights. Speaking of incomprehensible plots, can anyone tell me what The World Is Not Enough was all about? I can never watch that horrible excuse for a Bond film. Not even Denise Richards' tank top could save that stinker. And who was the villain? Looked like Mini-me, only taller and less dangerous.
I have to say those are my hated Bond films. Stinkers, the lot of them. Almost made me forget that I love this series. Of course, all I need to do is recall the golden moments of Bond.
The Spy Who Loved Me. Ah. Mad billionaires with underwater cities. Richard Kiel's Jaws was unforgettable. The battle in the tanker was action end-to-end (something that is matched only by the Moonraker finale). Another favorite is Goldfinger, probably the quintessential Bond film. Oddjob and that incredible hat. Pussy Galore. And how more classic can you get with a plot that concerns robbing Fort Knox?
Another favorite is Thunderball, if only for the definitive Spectre presence. Rounding the list off are You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only and From Russia With Love. Dr. No is an honorable mention if only for Honey Rider.
Bond is a legend. He's an archetype. You don't try to update and force-fit him into current events. He has his own world, dammit! GAH!
Anyway, the best new Bonds was probably Tomorrow Never Dies for an over-the-top villain in media mogul Peter Carver. Michelle Yeoh wasn't sexy at all here, though. Just doesn't do it for me. I liked Goldeneye's bad girl Xenia Onatopp a lot better. If only her fight scene with Bond was a lot more... involved. Heh.
Hm. Well, after all that, I guess I am really looking forward to the next Bond. I really hope I dig it, but I am lowering my expectations just in case. I still long for the old Bond magic back. Maybe someday. Someday...
Jolly Good Villain...

I was able to catch a few minutes of the Mel Gibson flag-waver, The Patriot, this morning on HBO. An apparent follow-up to his far more successful and far superior Braveheart, TP once again casts Gibson as a simple man with simple dreams who can turn into a killing machine when his loved ones are threatened. Once again, snotty and aloof Brits are the enemy, this time the redcoat troops of the American Revolution. As in Braveheart, there are tons of rousing battle scenes and violent fights, though now the weapons of choice are muskets and tomahawks instead of arrows, swords, axes and morning stars.
Providing the focus of the conflict and The Patriot's villainy is Jason Isaacs, who plays the brutal British cavalry commander whose vile tactics of going after the heroes' families marks him for a satisfying death by film's end.
Moviegoers who have seen the recent Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets should recognize Isaacs even through the white hair and black robes of his new villain role; that of the sinister and Nazi-esque Lucius Malfoy, sire to Harry's nemesis Draco and apparent new heavy in the Potter movies.
I actually have seen quite a few movies with Isaacs in it; He played one of the soldiers in Black Hawk Down, a somewhat sinister medic in the sci-fi horror flick Event Horizon (he gets shish-kabobed by Sam Neil though) and had roles in recent films like The Tuxedo and Sweet November (neither of which I had seen). He will next be seen in the upcoming League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and in the next Resident Evil movie.
Some more extensions about the LOTR extended version...

Last night I was finally able to watch the extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring in its entirety. I have to say that this is now THE true version of the film for me. The extra and extended scenes truly add depth to the characters, a lot of much-needed information on the story and simply a lot more kick-ass stuff onscreen.
The hobbits benefit greatly since right from the beginning, with the new title sequence and Bilbo's narration of hobbit life, we are shown just what kind of race the fur-footed little ones are. This makes the hardship they are thrown into because of the ring that much more terrible. I particularly liked the one scene between Frodo and Bilbo Baggins where we learn of the love between the two, and specifically info about Frodo's origins. That was a vital scene for me. How could they cut that out? Sigh.
Strider AKA Aragorn benefits greatly from his added scenes, which show him as a ranger and a capable warrior, and later as the true heir of Isildur that he is. The new footage reveals a lot, including his past with the elves (which is only hinted at in the theatrical cut). We also see his motivations and fears a lot clearer.
Boromir, the tragic member of the Fellowship, gets a lot more depth with his added scenes, and there re a lot of them. We are given more scenes of his friendship with the hobbits Merry and Pippin, and we even see a glimpse of the true Son of Gondor in a very good scene between him and Frodo. He gets to kick Uruk-hai ass a whole lot more in his finale, which is great at making his fate that more painful.
Gimli and Legolas get only a few new scenes, but I feel that they are pretty effective. We finally see the interaction between the gruff dwarf and the regal but kind elf, which should pay off in The Two Towers. Legolas' one-liners are cool, while Gimli's scene with Galadriel is priceless.
The Lady of the Wood really comes off as more powerful and influential with her new scenes, and any doubt of her being on the side of good should be banished by the new scenes and how she helps the Fellowship.
Other scenes slightly change things from the original theatrical cut for the better; generally they serve to add more detail and more information. We actually see Lothlorien from the outside, and the welcome the elves give to the embattled heroes is more logical and natural. During the lament for Gandalf, there's a touching scene from Sam as he gives his own farewell to the wise wizard.
In short (too late, I know) the new footage makes the heroes more of a fellowship, with more interaction and detail that now seems invaluable. I really can't go back to the original theatrical cut now.
Even at about three and a half hours, I feel that anyone who loves LOTR should watch the extended cut, if they can. While a lot more leisurely in pace, true aficionados and fans of the film will revel in the new aspects that are uncovered. I really hope local video stores release the extended set widely... It's just THAT damn good.
Now, all I have to do is watch it four more times for the commentaries. Hahaha... bliss.

Sunday, November 24

Taste Bud Torture

Ah, a Saturday. I went on my usual foray to Greenhills and came back with a couple of DVDs of movies I missed in the theaters. Otherwise, it was slim pickings. The place was crowded with tiangges (streetstores) and traffic was horrible. No new anime or games this time. Anyway, I went to Comic Quest as usual. I had missed an After Eden book signing by our friend, Arnold Arre, at National Bookstore Megamall... the event was from 3 to 5 pm, and I was only able to leave the house at 5:30. Anyway, maybe they'll be able to join us on lakwatsa another time.
Anyway, Mike, Jason, Emrys and me went off to Makati after closing. We picked up Emrys's girlfriend, Rio, and went to classy Rockwell. I have to admit I never really go to Rockwell, so I was pretty much amazed at the bookstore Formerly Known As Page One. The selection of books was even better than Powerbooks, and I saw a lot of stuff which could be prospective gifts this Christmas. It may warrant a quick trip during the week. After what seemed like an eternity to me (and even longer for Jason and Emrys since they were starving), Mike finished his book hunt. Among the books was a copy of Harry Potter and the Philoshopher's Stone. "It's the British version of the Sorcerer's Stone." said Mike. Me, being the heathen that I am, said, "So... what's the difference? Does it read with a Brit accent?" Heh.
We had a late dinner (or early breakfast?) at Dencio's Rockwell, which I regret. I ordered boneless fried sizzling bangus (milkfish) and some bagoong rice (which is seafood-based). Suffice to say, I didn't enjoy my meal. First of all, the bangus WASN'T sizzling when it got to me. It wasn't too crispy. The bagoong rice was also hard as if they used yesterday's rice to make it. Another factor was that the mix was wrong; since both the viand and the rice was seafood, it tasted bad.
It reminded me of that episode in the anime Cooking Master Boy, where one of the heroes had a cook-off with an evil female cook. The main ingredient was crab. While the hero cooked heavenly crab cakes, the evil cook-lady made a crab soup and omelet. As fate would have it, the villain's food was tasted first. Good enough... then the hero's crab cakes were tasted by the judges. To the surprise of everyone, the judges declared that the hero's crab cakes tasted HORRIBLE. Soon though, the astute main character, Liu Mao Hsing (the titular Cooking Master Boy) found out the secret. Apparently, the crab soup of the evil cook was very thick and strong-flavored. After having that, the judges' taste buds were deadened to crab taste... so when they tasted the crab cakes of the hero, it became tasteless, and all they could feel was slimy, slippery goo in their mouths (otherwise, they tasted great though). And so it was that the good guys were sabotaged and lost that round (Don't worry; they win eventually though).
I guess that was part of what happened. I feel though that the Rockwell branch of Dencio's is perhaps the worst. The service was pretty blah and the food below par. BAH.
Good thing we were able to chill out later at my house, where I treated Jason and Mike to a viewing of some of the best parts of the Lord of the Rings 'making of' DVDs... really amazing stuff. It kept them awake even though it was about three in the morning.
Argh. Sunday. Then work again. Oh well. At least I had my Saturday.