Thursday, May 29


This Saturday May 31, 2008 is the M3Con or Mangaholix Manga Mania Convention 2008! At the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia all sorts of great otaku stuff will be happening- manga and local comics, toys and hobby stuff, cosplay and more cosplay! Aside from the Mangaholix crew of artists, creators and local manga-kas, we'll have guests like Budjette Tan and Ka-Jo Baldisimo of Trese to, well, I dunno... to be dragged up on stage to talk about their comic and characters. Heheh. Of course, me and Kriss Sison will be around to answer all your Ninja Girl KO! questions as well!

So come and join the fun! Buy manga or anime stuff! Buy local comics (particularly ALL 5 Issues of Mangaholix Presents!!!)! Buy some indie manga! Watch some cosplayers! Listen to some guys chatter about making comics! Oh, and buy some cool Mangaholix merchandise! There's gonna be so much to do!

Ever wanted to rest your head on Michiko's soft chest? NOW YOU CAN!!! WAAHAHA!!

It should be awesome. So, see you all there, okay? SATURDAY! Mall of Asia! COME! COME!