Sunday, July 25

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

The next Avatar is ready to bend the world to her iron will.

As disappointed I am with Shyamalan's lackluster Last Airbender, I am now quite excited and elated upon hearing news of Avatar: The Legend of Korra (this may be just a working title at this point). Just announced recently upon being greenlit by Nickelodeon, this sequel to the acclaimed Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series is ready to start the cycle all over again and surely please fans of the original, like ME!

So far it's known that Legend of Korra (LOK) will be set 70 years after the events in the first Avatar series. Korra, the new incarnation of the Avatar and Aang's reincarnation, is a rebellious, headstrong teenager who originally hails from the Southern Water Tribe (Katara and Sokka's neck of the woods). Unlike Aang, at the start of the series Korra has already mastered Waterbending, Earthbending and Firebending. Her main quest is apparently concerned with finding an Airbending teacher- not an easy task when the Last Airbender, Aang, is dead. Not to fear though, since Aang and Katara DID have a son named Tenzin, who may be the new Last Airbender (or there may be more, who knows?). Intriguing stuff!

Other bits of info being thrown about are that this new series may actually be a mini-series instead of a full show, and that it will have many flashbacks and references to the first Avatar show- in effect, the old gang may be appearing still despite either being very very old or very very dead. Perhaps we'll learn if Zuko ever found his mother and other loose ends.

Anwyay, given the caliber and quality of the first series, I've no doubt that Korra will surely be another classic and favorite of mine, once it debuts sometime in 2011. I'll be keeping my eyes out for every scrap on this one, but for now I'll be content with just carrying the original Avatar show with me all the time on my iPhone or iPad. Heheh...