Saturday, September 17

The Wait is Over.

I've got it.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Also got Last Order, the anime short film by Madhouse (Ninja Scroll) about the events in Nibelheim within the FFVII game's story. I can't wait for this weekend's overtime session to be over so I can hie off and enjoy it in The Sanctum.

Review to come soon. WOOHOOO!!!!

Thursday, September 15

Wet Wet Wet

This is the kind of day when you'd just want to spend the whole time curled up in bed, lulled to sleep or half-consciousness by the pelting sounds of rain. On the good side, I was able to spend half the day at home, thanks to last night's overtime. But then, I had to force myself out of my sheet cocoon and hie off to work. Of course, everything seemed to be soaked today- the rain isn't always strong, but it never stops. There are flooded streets, and wouldn't you just know it, I get myself splashed by a son of a bitch's car just steps away from the office. Feh.

Anyway, all I can do is just do my stuff, finish it and brace for more work into the weekend. It's a living. Sigh.

I haven't been able to do ANYTHING on Project: Hero yet! AAAHHH!!!

Looks like overtime this weekend though... so I can probably scratch Saturday off. Maybe I can get my groove started on Sunday.

Now, it's all a question of what to do first... Nikki's story, my story, or the cover.

Ah, decisions, decisions. Well, whatever. I work best under pressure...

Famous last words.

Too Many Voices

Internet forums can be cool. You find a nice forum where everyone is polite, follows the rules and contributes to healthy discussions, it's great. You can find great stuff earlier than anywhere else. But then there are the times when TOTAL IDIOTS just appear and you just wish you had a 'PUNCH' button you could press for all those grammatically-incompetent, got-nothing-else-to-do but complain aimlessly Trolls that just seem appear out of the woodwork. I guess you gotta expect Random Monsters to appear sometime.
Damn, I'd probably wear out that Punch Button. Like I wore out my Vanishing Ray. Heh.

Wednesday, September 14

Rising Angel

Fallen Angel #1 coming for the Holidays.

Newsrama just posted a preview of Fallen Angel #1 by writer/creator Peter David and new artist J.K. Woodward. To recall, the original FA series was originally released by DC and cancelled after a 20-issue run. However, the loyal fan base has been so vocal and supportive of the title that Mr. David was able to swing a resurrection and give the character of Lee a new lease of life under IDW Publishing.

The pages... well... the pages look incredible. As was said in my previous post, Mr. Woodward's photo-realistic style isn't limited to covers... his interior pages have the same quality and it's pretty awesome. It's like seeing Fallen Angel: The TV series. Anyway, it's good to see that despite the change in art style, the character will remain true to her previous incarnation- from her costume to the creepy, creepy way her feet never touch the ground. Fortunately readers both new and old will finally find the truth about Lee's aversion to the earth and more when the character's origina is revealed in the new series. The new first issue will be a jumping-on point for new readers, as well as giving loyal fans good service. Yayness!

Alternate FA#1 cover by Fernando Blanco.

Fallen Angel #1 comes floating in this December from IDW Publishing.
Final Fantasy Advent Children Released

... in Japan. Yep, the dvd and umd versions of the CG movie sequel to Final Fantasy VII is now widely available. I expect bootlegs and fansubbed-versions to make their way here very soon. Whatever happens though, my own Japanese copy of the dvd is already being shipped to me as I write this (I'll have it in 4-12 days according to the seller).

I'm so hyped for this, and I know a lot of you out there are excited as well. I do know that quite a few of you out there might not have had the pleasure of playing FFVII, and therefore I have to warn you... full enjoyment of Advent Children really is only possible if you played the game. There's so much story, plots, characters and emotion wrapped up in the over 60+ hours of gameplay that a 97-minute movie can barely manifest the richness of FFVII. Much is left to the imagination and the knowledge of the source material to fill up.

All I can recommend to non-FFVII players who want to see AC is to either get a good plot-guide and do your reading, or just grab a copy of the game and start playing. Still, by itself Advent Children is a sight to see. The action and CG quality are worth the price of admission alone. However, the story and revelations, the continuation of what the game left off... for fans, this is priceless.

The next time I write about AC, it will be after I've seen the film myself. Till then, this is the MAD Advent Children report, signing off.

Monday, September 12

Advent Children Hong Kong

Yeah, we hate the Venetians for being able to watch FFVII Advent Children ahead of the rest of the world. We can now add Hong Kong to the hit list, as the CG movie is now available there, right now. Thanks to HK's liberal trade policies, they can release earlier than Japan (where the laws are more stringent and thus release dates have to be followed to the letter).
Already, spoiler pics and discussions are spreading in various forums. I can't resist taking a look, but then again, how can I even be more spoiled? I just want to see the darn movie already and marvel at the amazing CG, the awesome fight sequences and the pleasure of seeing the Final Fantasy VII cast in living, bigger-than-life motion. Well, I'm expecting my Japanese copy of the film perhaps in a couple of weeks- probably a bootleg will appear soon in local anime shops. Hope, hope!

Sunday, September 11

Superheroes and Fairy Tales

Over the past week and this weekend, I watched two cool flicks; Disney's superhero teen movie Sky High and the dark fantasy-period adventure, The Brothers Grimm.

Sky High stars a cast of new and veteran performers to bring a superhero-filled world to life. The film focuses on Will Stronghold, the teenage son of the world's two greatest superheroes (played by Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston. Aside from dealing with the fact that he secretly has NO POWERS, he has to contend with super bullies, finding his first high school crush and the decidedly negative way that his new alma mater segregates people into 'Heroes' and inferior 'Sidekicks'. A long-thought-dead arch villain's return and quite ingenious plot complicates things even further.

For a Disney movie, this is pretty cool. Some parts seem 'TV-movie'-ish, like some of the CG effects and some stage-play acting, but overall I had fun and there were some neat action effects. That and there's a guy named Warren Peace. Heh. Incredibles-lite... and that's really not a bad thing.

Dean and Nikki were raving about The Brothers Grimm, so I was really excited to watch this. Beforehand, I already wanted to see it thanks to the creepy atmosphere and premise which kinda reminded me of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. Anyway, BG stars Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as the titular siblings- two wandering con artists who poses as supernatural ghostbusters/witchhunters. Their exploits eventually lead them to being drafted by an evil French General (Jonathan Pryce) to investigate the disappearances of some children in a supposed enchanted forest. Some creepy atmosphere, bizarre manifestations of fairy tale conventions and Monica Bellucci as an evil queen make this a winner, as does the hilarious performance of character actor Peter Stormare (he played the Devil in Constantine and every cool Russian in movies, I think) as Italian psycho/torturer Cavaldi. The minuses are that there are some dragging bits, and the film takes its time to get to the meat of the matter. Otherwise, a happy ending to my weekend.

Both these flicks are showing right now. Catch them while you can!

The last time I had problems with ants and a piece of tech, it was with my scanner. But that was perhaps a year or two ago. What a bitter campaign that was. Days and days of hard battle, to smoke out the invaders who had been able to gain a foothold inside the equipment, building what seemed to be the startings of a whole goshdarn colony. Ultimately, I lost that war... I got a new scanner to replace the ant-violated one. This time though, it's another story.

This time it's my laptop. My Mac Powerbook G4 15-inch laptop. I came in and found ants crawling in and out of the keys. Why are they doing this now? Perhaps a bit of food got into the keys? Or is it the heat that draws them in? Well, I got some alcohol and gave the Mac a once over... and then repeated blowings into the crevices dislodged some of the buggers. Thankfully, it seems that I detected the threat early... but now, I may have to store my Mac somewhere safer than just on the table. I don't want another war with these six-legged infiltrators, dammit.