Saturday, June 12

Full Metal Farewell

Ed and company take their final bow.

AND... it's over.

The final chapter of Full Metal Alchemist (manga) was released recently, ending a long and celebrated run of this much-beloved, popular and critical manga hit. Nicely enough, it ended with mostly a positive note- it's just short of a Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy ending, but at the very least, everyone got their just desserts for the most part, leaving the world of Amestris, Xing and even the shattered land of Ishval on the way to a brighter tomorrow. In a nice divergence from the original anime, the manga (and eventually the second anime) ends with the two brothers actually going their separate ways and lives, instead of throwing everything away (including a poor girl named Winry) just to stay together. I can't see this world being revisited anymore, it's pretty much done with an ending that leaves little to interpretation or need for continuation. All's well that ends well. Now all that's left is to see this ending animated in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Goodbye, Ed, Al, Winry, Roy, Riza, Scar, Lin, May and the rest. Thanks for an amazing ride.