Friday, November 7

Elektric Shortage

What IS it with Elektra these days?

I'm referring of course to the Marvel comic title starring probably the most recognizable ninja assassin to wear a leotard and cloth bandages ever in comics. The red-garbed vixen who's about as unpredictable as a cat, and just as slinky. The same anti-heroine whose adventures will eventually see cinematic release with Alias' Jennifer Garner (who is reprising the role from the movie version of Daredevil) next year or so.

A year or so ago, the red ninja was given her own regular series, and I have to say I collected it for a while, singularly to collect the awesome painted covers by artist Greg Horn. The stories, for me, are pretty unspectacular, and the art has never been particularly interesting (perhaps the awesome covers just make looking at the relatively unexceptional inside art boring). Eventually, I got tired of even collecting since the covers seem to have sunken to a 'routine', and it's no longer driving me to get them.

I still peek inside every new issue to see if any of the action intrigues me. Unfortunately, I am just puzzled.

Why, WHY, does a comic with a kick-ass, uber-sexy super ninja babe insist on showing their main draw AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE?

For the past couple of issues (or maybe more), Elektra is hardly ever seen. You see the cannon fodder, the victims, the boring cast of nobodies... but NO ELEKTRA! She usually appears at the very end page, as a shadow.
Maybe it's just me, but an Elektra comic should show her as much as possible, doing her ninja things because DAMN it's all about her doing her kung-fu shit, climbing sheer rock walls with her super strong digits, taking out guards with one of her seven thousand ways to kill, formulating elaborate plans to establish a cover, penetrate a heavily-guarded stronghold and generally look fetching in her skimpy and impractical ninja bathing suit.

BUT NOOOOO.... We get to see the comic equivalents of bit actors get ALL the screentime while our star is reduced to a presence that is 'felt' rather than seen.


I know, I know...

"Since you're complaining so much, why don't you make your OWN comic with a scantily-clad, kick-ass assassin babe? NYAAH!"

All right, I WILL. Next year. Kai: KIA. Hehehe. Shameless plug.

Thursday, November 6

Going back to Gladiator School

"Gee, your hair smells terrific!"


Well, yes I am!

I just got Gladius for the Xbox and I am wasting away a dangerous amount of time that I should be plunking into Angel Ace Next (heh). Anyway, Gladius is a new gladiatorial RPG/Strategy game from Lucas Arts. Set in a world that mixes historical ancient Rome (and the various barbarian tribes in it's provinces) with fantasy elements, it tells of the saga of heroes Valens (a gladiatorial champion's son) and Ursula (a barbarian princess) as they attempt to forge a powerful school of gladiators. In the Gladius world, a terrible war years before had driven the various peoples to turn to the arena and gladiators to settle disputes, and for entertainment. It is in the gladiatorial circuit of various locales and countries that most of the game's action and combat take place.

While you start out with just your main hero(ine) and a single cohort, you eventually start to hire more fighters in your stable. These range from your more generic barbarian or bandit, to the more interesting gunghirs (barbarian spearthrowers/werebears), legionnaires and archers. Or you can go for the more esoteric classes, such as sexy amazons or wild berserkers, mysterious spellcasters and beasts. There are about 100 different kinds of fighters to encounter or recruit in this game, along with an even larger number of weapons, armor and accessories to outfit and arm them with.
And as you build your reputation and fighting prowess, perhaps you'll also be able to take the time to thwart a RESURGENCE OF AN EVIL GOD that seems to be inevitable in the later rounds of this several-hundred hour game. Hmmm.

Gladius' graphics looks great, with detailed characters and battle stages. The animations and sound effects do well to put you into this carnage-filled world. As for the gameplay, the micromanagement of equipment, positioning of troops, and a patented 'swing meter' which you must handle in real time makes this a cross between Final Fantasy Tactics and a teensy-bit of Dance Dance Revolution. It's not really a fast-paced game though; anyone who can't get past a regular FF game or turn-based strategy game will probably not get into Gladius' marathons of battles and somewhat repetitive music (which hopefully will change when I finally move my band to a new country).

Well, I hate Dance-Dance, but I love this game. The story's pretty basic, but it's really all about getting the most bad-ass crew you can and opening a can of Maximus on an enemy's arse. WOOHOO!

Now, back to Angel Ace Next. No, reallly.

Wednesday, November 5

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Monday, November 3

Cherry Blossom Pin-Ups

Here are some pin-up artworks destined for the upcoming shoujo manga anthology Cherry Blossom High from Psicom. Take in their full-color goodness since they will be black and white in the published comic. Oh well.

Crystal tries to catch up on some homework in between demonslaying.

The Beach Blossoms take on their rivals, The Sand Angels!

Sunday, November 2

Angel's Back...

A day in the life of the Angel Ace crew, by Joel Chua!

Here's a look at the back cover artwork for Angel Ace Next, as rendered by the talented Joel Chua! We were lucky enough to have Joel on board with the upcoming ish. You can find more of his stuff at his website,, and in the upcoming Cherry Blossom High anthology from Psicom (he did the front cover).

December's just on the horizon. Soon. SOON!

Oh and by the way... I'm DONE with SIGLO!!! It's Angel Ace and more all the way from now on. WOOHOO!
Comics, Comics, Comics!

Here are some samples and snippets (literally) of stuff coming out very soon from us!

Here's a panel from Nikki Alfar's Siglo story, set in the 1920s. It's about politics, women's empowerment and a guy who would be Emperor of the Philippines!

This is a clip from my Siglo story. Based on a subject close to my heart. It's set in the 90s.

Angel Ace guest artist Jeremy Arambulo gives us Angel flying in the city.

A snippet from 'The Gift', a short story in Angel Ace Next written by me, drawn by Jeremy.

Jeremy gives the Angel Ace characters his own unique, indie-style spin. Coolness.

Siglo and Angel Ace Next should be available to readers this December. Wait for them!