Friday, April 11

Private Iris

A new crimefighting team is on the case.

What has Arnold Arre, creator of Myth Class, Trip to Tagaytay and Andong Agimat been up to lately? Well, teaming up with Jaime Bautista, creator of Cast, that's what! Their offspring (that sounded wrong) is the new kids' detective comic, Private Iris, which has recently been blitzing emails online.

With story by Jaime and art by Arnold, of course, the series stars Iris Able, a somewhat offbeat girl who's been labelled as a loner by the rest of her class. Enter Danton, the most popular boy in school! Danton has this wild idea to team up with Iris in order to solve some baffling cases troubling the campus, and of course- mystery, action and adventure ensue! And friendship, of course. It's the sort of thing any comic reader would love, though the title is being directed mainly towards kids, even giving sections for 'Clue Reviews', tips on stuff like science and saving and good ol' fashioned values. The comic should be available in Fully Booked and other bookstores around the Metro.

Private Iris will have its official launch on April 19, at Fully Booked Bonifactio Heights. You can check the Official Site for more information.

Can't wait to get my hands on this. Let's all check it out, peeps.

Sunday, April 6

Life's a Beach

Tomorrow, I get up hours before the crack of dawn to the airport, off to the white sands of Boracay! It's been years since I last went down to arguably the Philippines' most well-known beach getaway, and I'm curious to see if it's changed again. The first couple of times I went there, it was pretty pastoral with cozy shacks and little makeshift eateries and inns. The last couple of times, there were full-blown hotels along the shoreline and a MALL in the middle of the island. I wonder if there are high-rises or a metro-rail already installed by now?

Anyways, it's part work, part bonus/break, so it should be nice. Bought new travelling short pants, swim trunks and everything, so I guess I'm kinda excited.

The last time I was there as well, the internet was still slow and wonky- hopefully by now broadband on the beach will be up so I can still surf without a surfboard if I spy a net cafe on the sands. Man, I am a net addict, am I?

Three days in Bora starts tomorrow. Later then, people! I'll snap pics.