Saturday, March 26


Damn, does it taste good. For the past several days we've been having just fish. Dried fish. Fried catfish. Fish fillet. Tuna. I'm actually not too bad with fish- I love fish, especially fried bangus (milkfish), which I dub "fried chicken of the sea". But you know, there's nothing more satisfying than MEAT.

So when we had Sinigang na Baboy and it tasted GREAT. Damn great. I've been sating my cravings with chips all this time... but really, there's no substitute for real meat.

I want to order a pizza tomorrow. A nice, meat-lover's pizza. A great way to celebrate Easter and the end of Lent, don't you think?

Darn, I could go for a steak right now. Heh.

Friday, March 25

Soul Calibur III

More information just popped up online on the upcoming PS2 exclusive Soul Calibur III. The storyline has something to do with a mysterious individual who revives Nightmare, the demon-possessed knight who wields Soul Edge. From there, carnage and lots of one-on-one fighting is sure to ensue.
Anyway, we've got the lowdown on the new characters!

Setsuka is a woman dressed in a pretty intricate and fancy kimono and platform sandals. She wields a large umbrella with a sword hidden in the handle. She pretty much looks a lot like Fatal Fury's Mai Shiranui in one of the latter's win poses. She is described as 'the Resolute Avenger', so she's probably hot on the trail of someone in for a good slashing. Pretty cool- I wonder if they had an influence on the Tekken creators, who did a similar hidden look for Asuka Kazama in Tekken 5.

Dubbed as 'A Misguided Angel of Death', Tira is a wild-haired girl in green who wields one large bladed hula hoop. It seems that she rips her own costume up quite a bit when she fights. All I can say is that she reminds me of Tanith, one of the Five Seasons from K.I.A. And I did the look for Tanith more than a year ago. Hmmm. I wonder if Namco is looking over my blog. Heh.

Anyway, the third new character is Zasalamel, and the only male in the new batch. He's from Africa, wears a white, hooded robe and wields a nasty-looking scythe. Called "The Evil Enigma", it seems likely that all this hubbub was caused by him.

As mentioned before, Soul Calibur III will include a mode where you can customize and create your own character, deciding stuff such as sex, occupation and some aspects of their appearance. You can then use this created character in some modes in the game. We're hoping that all these promises Namco is making gets pulled off. I am hoping for hidden outfits- if the character edit mode in SC is as good or better than the one in Tekken 5, I'll be pretty happy. While SCIII is firmly behind the big fighters such as Tekken, DOA and VF for me, I still can't wait to see another installment of this long-running series. The game comes out on PS2 later this year.
K.I.A. 2

We haven't even gotten the first book out yet, and I'm already working on the second volume.

Yesterday I started writing the first script of the inevitable K.I.A. Volume 2. While nothing is final of course, I am seeing the 2nd book as having a more focused story or scale than the first. The situation here is that at the beginning of Volume 2, Agent K wants a vacation. She's been working hard, going on deadly missions every week and now she wants a break. But of course, getting time off when you're the most in-demand assassin in the world is NOT easy.
But this is Agent K, of course, and suffice to say she doesn't give up. But little does she know when she gets her little break that a crack KALI unit known as the Deep Cover Girls is aiming to collect Vanya's bounty on her head. And with surprise on their side, they just might succeed in killing the unkillable K!

Still fixing up the concept for this book. Perhaps I can get people to write actual stories that focus on the DCGs' attempts to terminate Kai. Or perhaps there's a bigger thing that Kai and her hunters may get involved in. We'll see. Anyway, if I start it now, chances are we'll see this perhaps... oh... next year. And that's being conservative. Heh. I guess it all depends on how good the first book does. Again, we'll see. In the meantime, gotta keep writing and writing.
The Amazing Race Movie

That's what I've heard some people call National Treasure, the treasure hunting adventure movie starring Nicolas "Stanley Goodspeed" Cage. The treasure in question is a supposedly vast trove containing gold and artifacts from Egypt, Macedonia, Rome and God knows where else, collected by generations of conquerors, found by the Knights Templars who eventually became the Freemasons and then vanishing into the mists of antiquity and legend. Cage is Ben Gates, a treasure enthusiast who has Freemason ancestry in his family tree. His father (played by Jon Voight) thinks that he's wasting his time looking for myths. However, Gates finds support via a slightly geeky sidekick Riley (Justin Bartha) and a somewhat shady financier, Ian Howe (Sean "Boromir" Bean). When Gates and buddies find a major clue that points them to the Declaration of Independence, Ben and Ian have a falling out when Ian reveals his ruthless side. Soon, it's a race with Ben, Riley and a beautiful museum curator (Diane Kruger) named Abigail Chase (Abbie Chase? Danger Girl?) filling in the good guy side, while Ian and his troop of goons wear the black hats. The quest then takes them all over America, seeking a treasure right in the middle of the nation.
This is pretty much like Indiana Jones-lite; There is action of the running and hiding sort- Ben and his friends have to avoid confrontation and use their brains to win, while the baddies have guns. The mystery is mostly obscure historical facts and some dabbling into the arcane history of the Freemasons and the Knights Templars and the revolutionary forefathers... stuff that will probably bore most people.

Anyway, I found myself watching. It's really more of a caper movie than anything else, reminding me quite a bit of Sneakers, one of my favorite films. Just a little bit. Enough to get me to watch it to the end. In all, it's a pretty harmless flick. Good for a watch and nothing more. Unless you hate Nicolas Cage, which a couple of the gang do with a passion. Heh.

Thursday, March 24

The Soul Still Burns!

According to Gamepro, The fighting game gods over at Namco have just announced that Soul Calibur 3 is coming. The third installment of this popular weapon-based fighter will be exclusive to PS2, and will have 25 characters, three of which will be totally new. The most intriguing bit of news though is that there will be a Character Edit mode which will let players create their own fighter. REALLY? A create-your-own-character option from one of the big boys in fighting games? We'll see how this works out. The US version of SC3 is slated for a late 2005 release.
Ends and Beginnings

The New Warriors Return!

Okay, I'm really pissed that the upcoming issue 20 of Fallen Angel is the last one, but there have been quite a few not-so-subtle hints from writer Peter David that the series may continue elsewhere from DC. Crossing fingers. Anyway, got the latest Previews and WOW, there's an ad for a New Warriors limited series! Heeey! I loved this title in the nineties- it was a cool, young action team series which lasted for a good while (the first series lasted into the 70 issue range), but eventually the storyline got muddled and worst of all- they made resident babe Namorita suddenly become allergic to wearing bikinis (Grrr). After that, I didn't even bother looking at the second run of the title, which only lasted 11 issues of so. Bah.

Anyway, the new series looks radically different, art-wise, and the story has the team joining the reality TV-craze. Hmmm... we'll see if this is worth looking into. The limited series starts in June. My only question now is... after all this time... why are they still NEW? Oh well...

I put up teaser posters for K.I.A. at Comic Quest yesterday. Nothing on it but the names of the many contributors, a profile of Kai (against black) and the vague date of April 2005.

Once I get the stocks, I'll set the date for the release, and work on a Team K.I.A. meet-and-greet.

I want to try and get the issues out to as many stores as I can. Maybe try Comic Alley and some other places. And try to get it solicited in Previews. We'll see. I really want this comic to succeed. So many great people did great stuff for this, and it just deserves to be seen.

Soon. Very soon.

Wednesday, March 23

CSI New York

I am a forensic detectives fan- I love watching the real stuff on the Discovery Channel, and I love CSI. The first is still the best- CSI Las Vegas endears for the cool cast, best of all being the half-geeky, half-invincible character of Gil Grissom (WIlliam Petersen). I also like the glitz and glamor that is often found in the cases. CSI Miami has a slightly different vibe- steamier and sexier, and with a different driving force in the passionate Horatio Caine (David Caruso).
CSI New York seems to take an radically more different stance than it's predecessors- while Miami and Las Vegas don't really show off their characters' lives, New York will supposedly involve the drama of the CSI's lives and how they are affected by the cases they take. I don't think this is the a plus, but we'll see how Gary Sinise and his crew measure up when CSI New York debuts on AXN this April.
Reality TV Check

It finally happened... I now find myself liking, and watching The Amazing Race. Well, now I don't find myself switching to another channel when AXN shows it's gazillionth replay of the week's episode. Anyway, I credit this to the inclusion of Survivor veterans Rob and Amber in the present race. Yep, I'm rooting for them. I hated Rob in his first Survivor, but grew to like him in All-Stars... and Amber was always a crush. Heh. In The Amazing Race, they're smart, cool, competitive and they look like they're having fun. We'll see if they go the distance to win in two top reality tv shows.

On the other hand, I am really not into the new Contender show with Sylvester Stallone. I am sure it's a pretty gripping show, but I never really liked boxing, so this was a natural no. Heck, I love wrestling, but you don't see me watching Tough Enough.
Crappy Throat

For some reason, I suddenly have weird thing in my throat, so I have a weird feeling everytime I swallow. I’ve started gargling and taking vitamin C to keep this from developing into a full-blown sickness. Good think I don’t seem to have a fever or anything in the meantime… It would be really pretty crappy to be sick on a vacation.


Took a little siesta, had an awful dream. It pretty much deals with EDSA and traffic, so I call it the NMDA, or Nightmare Development Authority… which is worse than our own MMDA, but not by much.
Anyway, in my dream the area of EDSA suddenly becomes cratered and tiered like the Grand Canyon from the NMDA’s many road projects. Now, to cross between the left and right sides of the main highway, pedestrians must navigate their way past a haphazard network of narrow, rickety bridges and ravine-like drops. My whole dream has me going through this horrid gauntlet before I finally make it to the other side of the highway
to wait for a bus. Along the way, I come to several seemingly impassable obstacles, making me go off on a tirade of anger against the NMDA. Eventually though I figure a way through the hell and make it to the other side of the road. I start waiting for the bus.. and well, it comes… crashing into the maze and bursting into flames. Nightmare, indeed.

Woke up and this nightmare is still fresh in my mind. Makes me think that in comparison, the real MMDA isn’t all that bad.

Nah. What am I saying? The MMDA are pretty horrible. They’re real.

Moving on, moving on…

Tuesday, March 22


Indie Stuff
My first priority is to make stuff for K.I.A. like posters and mobiles. This should be ready for posting by next week, in preparation of the launch the week after, if things go right.
Still on the comic vein, I’ll probably start working on stories and perhaps even pages for the next K.I.A. release. And maybe think about stuff for some other stuff, like Angel Ace and something totally new.

Gotta try and make another attempt to take chunks out of my Unread Pile of comics, which is right now an Unread Mountain. It’s really not funny anymore, how I’ve got pretty much whole SERIES and I haven’t touched them at all. Of high priority to read are Runaways, Astonishing X-men, Superman/Batman, Fallen Angel, Street Fighter, Fathom: Dawn of War, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Bite Club, Ultimates, Manhunter, and Exiles. TONS of stuff. I’ll try real hard this time around…

Wanna watch Last Exile, Scrapped Princess, Samurai Champloo and Read or Die TV. On the anime movie side, should try to watch Wonderful Days and Casshern.

Thinking of watching Battle Royale II: Requiem, National Treasure, Van Helsing and lots more stuff.

Yeah, DOA Ultimate and Tekken 5 are in the house, but all I seem to want is to dust off my old copy of Final Fantasy Tactics and start warring all over again in Fair Ivalice.

Need to clean up The Sanctum again. Dust off the action figures and displays. Rearrange stuff like DVDs, VCDs, mags, books and other shit. I’m pretty anal when it comes to doing stuff like this. I need… the Fab Five. Heh.

Tonight I should do some shopping- supplies like snacks, both savoury and sweet, at least one cake or pie, new DVDs or VCDs and other stuff I won’t be able to access once the Holy Week closes in. I’m staying home but it really doesn’t feel like it from how I’m so excited to take the break. Vacation is a state of mind, and I'll be diving in by tomorrow. WOOHOO!!! Have a nice holiday, people!
The Real Thing

Tonight, I got my hands on a finished, printed copy of K.I.A. Volume 1. The book turned out quite well- it's smaller than pretty much any other released local comic that I've ever seen... smaller even than the original Wasted compilation. But then, it's also quite thicker than most of the other past local releases. The issue should fit snugly in the pocket for bringing anywhere. I'll be seeing about getting the copies packed in plastic once we get the stocks.
I'm pretty stoked... I still have to see the stocks and crossing fingers, they should be in good, quality condition and ready for release after Holy Week. At least, I'll have something solid to hold onto and look at for the holiday wait. Heh.

Monday, March 21

Kai’s Interview Appointment

MAD Interviewer (MI): Here we are in an undisclosed, secure location with Kai Mishima, lovely but deadly femme fatale from the Angel Ace comic set to debut in her own title, the upcoming action comic/manga anthology, K.I.A. from writer/creator Marco Dimaano. Hello, Kai. Or should I address you by your new name, Agent K?

Kai: Kai is fine. Hello. I hope the blindfold wasn’t too tight.

MI: I’m fine, thanks for asking. So, we’re on the verge on your debut as a full-fledged comic heroine. How do you feel?

Kai: To tell you the truth, I’m a little anxious. How long has it been… eight years? Eight years and I’ve always been in the role of the support character, best friend and sidekick. And now, suddenly, I’m thrust into the spotlight. Ninja are better in the dark, you know. All this attention really isn’t my style. It's pretty easy to act tough and all when you just have a couple of pages or panels. This time, I'm pretty much in every page and it's hard. They even get me in my bedroom! There's no privacy at all.

MI: Ah, the price of fame. Anyway, many would say that this book has been a long time in coming.

Kai: But, of course. We all know who was the real draw for readers of Angel Ace (laughs). I’m kidding, of course. I love Angel, that silly girl.

MI: So your new book is entitled K.I.A.

Kai: The term K.I.A. is military jargon, an acronym for ‘Killed In Action’. It refers to how many of the missions I go on are so dangerous that I am not expected to make it back alive.

MI: This time around you’re in a new secret organization.

Kai: Yes. I’m no longer part of the SIVA. I’ve been taken into an organization named KALI, or the Killing Arts Learning Institute. It’s similar to the S-IV in that it’s an all-female, clandestine operations group. But while the S-IV is a more ancient, mysterious Sisterhood with arcane, long-term goals, KALI are straightforward mercenaries who are out to make a killing from every hotspot in the planet. At least they have dental, so it’s not all bad.

MI: You gain new powers for this book.

Kai: At the start of the book I find myself without my memories, but also with augmented physical abilities that make me a superhuman killing machine. All that plus I now have the ability to regenerate, so I’m technically immortal. So if I do get ‘K.I.A.’, I don’t stay dead. Which is a pretty nifty power to have. But then, I didn't choose to have these powers given to me...

MI: Regeneration… that means, you can grow back your hand if you get it cut off, right?

Kai: I honestly have never yet had to find out. I have made it a point to not lose any limbs. Please don’t give Marc any ideas…

MI: Or, if you get a finger cut off, won’t it grow into a whole new you?

Kai: Hmm... no comment. Next question, please.

MI: Okay. Aside from your new group and new powers, you also get a new costume.

Kai: Right. Well, it’s a throwback to my old bikini outfit from the original Angel Ace comics. Not the most practical thing to wear, but the thing is, I don’t need to wear clothing for protection since my body’s tougher than most body armor anyway. The less I have on, the easier I can move and fight. That aside, the costume ia actually pretty hi-tech. It’s made of a special fabric that repairs itself and changes properties depending on how it’s handled. The same goes for the cloth wrapped around my legs- they’re pretty much the only weapons I carry. That and a nice little communicator/pocket pc for contacting HQ, and for playing Bejeweled in between missions.

MI: How much has your life and situation changed from Angel Ace to K.I.A?

Kai: In the SIVA I was part of the Elite… had my own groupies and everything. Here, I’m more of an outcast among the other KALI girls. Plus I’m being worked to the bone by my new commander, Vanya, and since I think she ‘saved’ me and I have no memory at all, I work for her selflessly without question or hesitation. At least, at first.

MI: And you do some pretty nasty things as a KALI agent.

Kai: I’m a high-level assassin given all the really dangerous assignments- that means the most heavily-protected or powerful targets. A lot of them aren’t very nice people, but sometimes, yes, there are jobs that make my skin crawl. But I am a soldier with a mission and I have to carry them out… I guess.

MI: Since you’re so strong and deadly now, is there anyone who can actually stand up to you? Give you a challenge?

Kai: A lot. Many missions are simple cake-walks, but I should never get too comfortable or too confident. There are so many dangerous opponents out there, and I’m not just talking about high-level martial arts masters, elite ninja or other augmented super-soldiers… Sometimes all it takes is tenacity and sheer persistence. There was this guy called ‘The Cabbie’ and… well… I’ll save that for another time.

MI: Going into the K.I.A. book as a whole… you’ve got an impressive list of artists and creative people on the roster.

Kai: Yes. It’s incredible how Marc actually got these people to work for him for free. I have to say that it was quite a feeling to see yourself drawn and visualized in so many different styles. The comic fan in me was positively giddy.

MI: Do you have any favorites?

Kai: They’re all pretty awesome, but I have to say my favorite artists are Jen-san (Jennyson Rosero) and Jeremy Arambulo. I am overjoyed, really. Beat that, Angel (smiles). My favorite story is Invitation, by Dean-sama (Dean Alfar). I kick ass a lot in that one. (smiles)

MI: K.I.A. Volume 1, entitled Kai: Indomitable Assassin is due out in early April, at all branches of Comic Quest. The 160-page black-and-white manga/comics anthology will have a cover price of Php195. Do you have any words for the people out there, or anyone you would like to thank?

Kai: I would like to thank the artists and writers of ‘Team K.I.A.’ who believed in me and supported Marc to produce the book. I would also like to thank the cellphone companies for not putting out any good models recently so that Marc FINALLY was able to save enough cash to pay for this whole project. That’s about it.

MI: One last question... will we see you back in the pages of Angel Ace someday?

Kai: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

MI: Right. Thank you, Kai, and we’ll see you at the launch. Good luck! We know you’ll do great.

Kai: Thank you. And now, the blindfold...

The MAD Interviewer was actually Marc Dimaano in disguise.
28 Days Later

Months and months later, I finally get to watch.

Watched this pseudo-zombie flick last night. I've heard good things about it, particularly the grittiness and the fact that it had at least one alternate ending. It basically tells the story of a plague that gets unleashed in England from a bunch of infected monkeys. The plague, transmuted by blood that gets into your eyes or any open wounds, doesn't really turn you into one of the undead. Instead, you are possessed of a terrible, murderous and permanent state of rage that drives these 'Infected' to bite, tear and rend any normal humans they find to bloody bits. Oh, and your eyes turn red.

Anyway, watched it. This certainly isn't one of the scarier zombie flicks, though the director's use of some odd camera tricks, like filming at lower speeds gives it a more grainy, gritty feel. But along with the scenes of mass carnage, there are some oddly comforting scenes; where survivors Jim (Cillian Murphy) and Selena (Naomie Harris) find temporary refuge with a hearty father and daughter (Brendan Gleeson and Megan Burns) in the middle of Infested-infested London. I was half-expecting the over-hospitable dad, Frank, to be evil or something, but he turned out to be just a nice English chap. In between dodging the red eyes, there are scenes of odd calm- driving through abandoned countrysides, grabbing food and supplies from a grocery, having a picnic in an open field.
However, this is still a horror film, but the real threat eventually comes from an unexpected source at the film's climax.

I found myself liking 28 Days Later. It wasn't scary at all, but it was a good story and I came from it more positive than the more hardcore Dawn of the Dead remake, regardless of which ending you'd subscribe to: SPOILERS AHEAD: The 'happy' theatrical ending where Jim survives and all three survivors make a home in the mountains while waiting for eventual rescue, or the Alternate 'grim' ending, where Jim dies and the girls go off by themselves to somehow survive. SPOILER END.

Again, I probably find myself watching these films in fascination thanks to the weirdness and unnatural feel of a world gone mad. It's a nightmare scenario we hope we will never see. But darn, it would be great to be able to ransack a grocery or two at least once in your life. Heh.

Sunday, March 20

Going Hyper

If I had a marketing budget, I'd follow the suggestion of some of the gang and really work on marketing K.I.A. to the high heavens when it comes out in a couple of weeks. Yeah, yeah, there will be the customary posters and hanging mobiles for Comic Quest, but then I was suggested to do a BIG launch event.

We'd have a venue, and food and waiters and shit, and the biggest thing would be a real-live Agent K, standing right there! We'd get a sexy model, have her hair cut to Kai's style, have her wear the green and black battle bikini and the cloth wraps and have her standing in front of the venue, glaring at people.
Yeah, she'd have to be gorgeous since the darn outfit doesn't allow for anything but a damn perfect bod. Of course, we'd have to have someone standing by and keep any weirdos from getting too close to her or molesting her... or, better yet, we'll get a model who actually knows martial arts so she can beat up anyone who pisses her off, true to the character!

Unfortunately for her, she'd have to stay in character and look slightly angry and hostile all the time (which I imagine would be tiring after a while), not to mention she has to stay half-naked and barefoot in the cold mall environment- and it just won't do to have the unkillable, indomitable super-assassin sneezing or shivering in front of onlookers. Maybe we can have her stand on a nice carpeted area? Or have her wear a trenchcoat, and just show off her bod during key moments of the launch? Well, whatever. These are the things you can think about with reckless abandon since they will probably never come true. Merchandising glitz is waffle, and unless you have the actual comic or product, they're all useless.

Which reminds me of that whole fiasco with Taekwondogs, several years ago. Ask any local comics veteran in Alamat about it, and you'll get rueful smiles. Created by Gil De Palma, a self-described 'surfer dude', the 'comic' was about a bunch of half-dog, half-human heroes who fought evil with their power-barks(!). Their names I think were Yip, Rouf, Brrk and Arf... I forget. Anyway, they fought enemies named WaWeWiWoWanda, King Aeiou, Boom-Sharka-Larka-Lark the Shark-headed Dog and other crazy shit- easily some of the crappiest-sounding characters and concepts I've ever heard- this was, seriously, like some BS you can think up while taking a crap.

The whole thing sounded crazy, but somehow Mr. De Palma SOLD this concept and had a whole bunch of people working on the book. There was merchandising, figurines, a big event at Megamall and lots of hype. But the most this thing ever had was a 200-page sourcebook which was horrendously produced (abysmally bad use of fonts and layouts, and the book practically self-destructed due to crappy binding) and was filled with stupid (if entertainingly stupid) drivel.

By the time the hoopla was over though, the actual comic was nowhere to be seen. Mr. De Palma was gone, leaving a lot of pissed-off artists and people who were never paid for their services, and sellers waiting for product which never arrived. The hype that Taekwondogs generated was a first in it's time, making comics seem like big business... on the downside, that it turned out to be ultimately vaporware ensured that sponsors would be wary of any such venture ever again.

Well, at the very least, I'll have a comic in my hands before I do any marketing or hype. Yeah, I have no budget. Just some cash from the pocket to do a couple of posters and mobiles, and the magic of Internet mailing lists and word-of-mouth to help sell K.I.A. But then, right now I'm happy at having done this thing, to be able to tell a story and bring a character to life... and that's worth the money and effort I've put into this. If it sells well, and I'm able to continue, then I'll consider this a success.

Otherwise, it's just another page in the sordid saga of this storyteller. Moving on then. Heh.

First it was Questor. And now, I’ve heard from hearsay that the mega-popular Culture Crash comics/manga-zine has closed down, and that the latest issue (which came out months ago) was the last one. Correct me if I’m wrong, people.
Now THIS is a pity, since I have heard from Vin that issues of CC regularly sell very well. The quality of the art and production has remained pretty much constant throughout, and the story was JUST getting to the meaty parts (which was long in the coming since the series had 15 or so issues already out). But then, the publishing and selling of comics as a business is a very complex and unpredictable road, so no one is really immune to problems. While indie guys like me, or Oliver Pulumbarit and others can release books every now and then, supporting an actual company with regular employees isn't the easiest thing to do. Still, it would be a pity if CC was gone, considering that they would leave their stories and characters drifting.

So far, after 15 issues, the state of the CC stories are as follows…

A major confrontation between hero Dante and a group of enemies has been resolved (I think). Nothing developed between him and the female lead. No development on any overall plot. Nothing really revealed of the characters’ feelings for one another, if any. No sign of where this is going.

One Day, Isang Diwa
We are introduced to the guys and gals at a high school where fairies and mystical creatures also wander about. Recently, the Lead guy puts himself in the hot seat after kissing lead female (an event which actually rocked the boat and made this more interesting). This led to a fight between the Lead Guy and Other Lead Guy, which had no real resolution. Nothing has been resolved. The fairy angle has also been downplayed, and no resolution or development on that end.

Cat’s Trail
JUST getting to the meaty part of a big battle between royal guards, the heroes and a sexy ninja chick. Nothing resolved.

Kubori Kikiam
I have no clue what’s going on here…

If I had released 15 issues of Angel Ace, her story would be DONE by then. I’d have moved on to other characters. But CC… after all this time, they are barely getting their characters introduced. I would be incredibly disappointed if they suddenly disappeared (well, they have… question is, will they stay that way?), leaving so much undone. I pretty much know at least some of them are still doing work with Seven Seas Publishing, but aside from that… will CC release another local issue? Well, that’s all up to their Big Boss, James Palabay, who is their producer and driving force. Perhaps when they get their issues straight, we’ll see.