Saturday, September 15

On the Outside

I was finally able to muster the will to leave The Sanctum today, forced more or less by the need to buy a new lithium battery for my TV's remote. So I hied over to Megamall, a place I haven't been in for about two weeks. Now, that isn't really a long time- but for me, who once lurked among the stores and arcades in Ortigas sometimes daily, it was a stretch. Anyways, I've really gotten over my malling phase- I just needed to get my stuff and leave.
The battery was tricky, the search taking me from one corner of the mall to the other. Eventually I found the small disc-shaped power source (also used in watches and specialized electronics, I think) in National Bookstore, of all places. I tried looking for a copy of Mangaholix Presents #2, but it wasn't out yet (I was told by Mangaholix honcho Emman that copies would be coming by Monday or so).

I went over to the Fourth Floor electronics and tech floor, where I looked for the latest cellphones and devices to ogle. Contrary to my earlier posts about it, the O2 XDA Flame doesn't seem to be all that hot. Yeah, the huge screen should be cool, but darn- according to reviews and comments online, the battery life sucks, the device's new system (which includes a 3D engine from NVidia) is pretty picky and doesn't even work with the essential The Core Pocket Media Player. In all, the cons are many and seem not worth the sacrifices.

I saw that the Nokia N92 is out, and it looks quite nice. At about 21K it's not that expensive and I kinda find it intriguing to have Mobile TV. The service costs about P488 a month for unlimited access to a bunch of channels, including CNN, MTV, National Geographic, History Channel and Jack TV (No Animax or Hero TV?), which seems pretty fair. Unfortunately, the service is from Smart currently, and I'm on Globe. With the hassle of switching providers, I'll just have to make do with my own content for now, I guess... or just buy a Smart Prepaid Sim to try it out.

Anyways, back to the Sanctum I went, after depositing blood at the bank (AKA Comic Quest). Still collecting Countdown in the hope that it turns out to be awesome. Really HATED Amazon Attacks... who would have thought a series with armies of hot warrior women would SUCK so much? World War Hulk rocks hard though. Nice stuff all around despite some stumbles.

I wonder what'll be hot the next time I venture out? That'll be something to look forward to. Anywy, closing The Hatch now.

Friday, September 14


It's funny to think that with a job that predominantly has me just sitting in a chair thinking all day, typing or drawing can actually cause back pains. But bad posture is certainly a problem for white collar workers and office staff, so much so that after a while we just don't realize our muscles and bones are all misaligned or off-whack from hours and hours of being bent in the wrong shape. That's why people should always take frequent walks around, breaks, stretches and other things to keep you off the seat and desk for regular intervals. It sounds easy to do so, but darn... sometimes you just get so 'into the zone' that you just forget to do these things. One look at the window, and it's noon. You start typing of surfing or thinking, the next time you look at the window, it's midnight. TIME WARP!

This week was particularly busy, with us all banging away at the grey matter and me attending a TV shoot that lasted up until dawn the next day. It was all a bit much and I just had to take a breather. Thank goodness for the weekend.

There are so many things I still have to do, and time is running out. I just have to get back in the zone for stuff that I really care for, even though recently I've been neglecting them for other stuff. It's just so easy to sleep it all away these days. But despite all that, I'm actually feeling pretty good about things. I should start taking vitamins again, I think.

Wednesday, September 12

Heavy Metal

Marvel's latest war machine at the theaters.

The Iron Man teaser trailer just hit recently online, and I must say, as a non-fan of the comic or the character (especially after the Civil War event), that I am interested. For one thing, Robert Downey, Jr. makes a pretty smarmy and cool Tony Stark, which is great- it's nice to see him as the good guy. He gets the alcoholic part down pat, at least. I'm actually kinda less convinced and iffy with the actual Iron Man stuff- it certainly looks CG at this point; hopefully they fix this up to look better in the final film. The next, full trailer should give more a sense of what the whole story is, who the real enemy will be for this Marvel Comics adventure. This should be good, but then I find myself thinking about DC's Steel movie with Shaquille O'Neil... Yikes! Crossing fingers then. Anyways, this is set for May 2008. A lot of time to shine things to the fullest.
Status Quo

These days, the pace of work at The Salt Mines has reached a fever pitch. It's been ages since I've been able to just 'take off' for a jaunt down to The Black Market to pick up some bootleg DVDs or go strolling around a mall. There's now always something, whether it's a shoot or a print ad needing my attention lined up and waiting to pounce just after I've taken care of the last wave. Which is kinda like those midieval siege movies where the defenders are taking down those enemies climbing up siege ladders. It hasn't yet reached a point where I'm stressed out- it's a nice mix, I guess, where you are busy but everything is still under control but just shy of you freaking out and reaching for a cig. And I don't smoke.

Then again, I tell myself that maybe I don't go looking for bootlegs anymore since I just do all my 'shopping' for movies at home, thanks to the internet. Or maybe because I'm not really that fond of malling anymore... I know what I want and I usually just go to the mall to get it, then go straight back home.

A year or two ago, I lived for going out on Saturdays, just spending money on food, movies and whatever with the barkada. These days, after a busy work week, I'm pretty content to sleep away an afternoon, surf and blog when I want to, and play the odd game of PS3 or Xbox360. Or work on comics, but that's rare. I may have gone past my 'painting the town red' days, finally finding my true face, as a homebody.

Or maybe I'm just getting frickin' old. Heh.

Anyways, it's nice to have a balance of work, pressure, challenge, reward and relaxation that I've kinda settled onto these days. I can't ask for more, really, especially in the light of how hard life is these days. Every now and then, I'd like to mix it up with something else, I guess. But it's nice to know you have something to fall back on.
Avatar Love

Here's the newest, 30-second spot for Avatar: The Last Airbender from Nick. Starting September 21, TEN STRAIGHT WEEKS OF AVATAR. Ten episodes of bending adventure. Sure, there'll probably be a lengthy hiatus or break after, but darn... ten episodes. That's half the season already. This is going to be awesome. NEXT WEEK. It begins. WOOHOO!!!

Mangaholix Presents #2

More Filipino-made Manga!

According to Mangaholix's Deviantart Page, the second issue of Mangaholix is due out later this week... or it may already be out as you're reading this. Anyways, I was probably mistaken when I posted that Ninja Girl KO will be out in this issue- I haven't even seen the finished, finished, lettered art for episode 1 yet. So most probably, Michiko and Anton will be making their debut NEXT issue.

For now though, you can support local manga artists by hieing off to National Bookstore and plunking down the change for an issue of Mangaholix Presents #2. As with issue 1, the stories include Pulis Pangkalawakan, Fist Fight Manifesto: Midknighters, Kraust and Aporia. Oh, and there's even a nice interview with local otakudom's cosplay princess, Alodia! So what are you waiting for? Support Pinoy comics now!

Tuesday, September 11

Where Were You Then?

I remember riding the bus or MRT home that day, when I got a text from a friend informing me of a news bulletin about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. I remember thinking, darn, what a horrible accident. It wasn't until I got a couple more texts about another plane hitting the Twin Towers that I suddenly thought- that was no accident. It was an attack.

I came home to a living room with my parents watching that fateful event happen on CNN. We saw the footage of the planes crashing into the building, flames spreading, smoke billowing. I was glued to the screen right to the moment the towers fell, and long into the hours of the morning. It was a horrible sight to see- an event that changed the world- or at least, the US and everyone affected by their state of affairs- forever.

It's been six years, but strangely, 9/11 still seems fresh in people's minds. The US doesn't want to forget it, of course. You don't have to be an American to be saddened by the events, to be mindful of the fact that we should always be vigilant and aware of what is good, and what is evil. Evil was done that day, and the rest who remain should always remember and be ready for whatever comes next. Filipinos don't have a great memory, the way we so often forgive or forget so many who wrong us so easily. That's something we should keep in mind as members of the 'Free World'.