Friday, March 31

A Game I Cannot Refuse

I got myself a copy of The Godfather videogame for the PS2 during the week, and I'm actually a bit excited at trying it. There's a Create-a-Capo feature which starts off the game, and after you put together your customized Italian-American, you take your Made Man to take part in Mario Puzo's gangster epic-turned videogame.

According to write-ups, the game puts you in the role of a young man whose father is gunned down prior to the events in the first Godfather film. During the opening scene of the wedding of Don Corleone's daughter, your mama asks The Don for a favor- to make you a member of his family. Of course, Vito can't refuse a request made on his daughter's wedding so you're off on your merry way soon enough. The gameplay seems to be a mix of GTA free-roaming with shooting and driving elements. There are also extensive hand-to-hand combat moves... though it's more roughing up and beating some poor schmuck into being your milking cow rather than actual martial arts. Aside from taking part in the main and fixed Godfather storyline (which lets you participate in the aftermath of events such as the infamous Toll Booth massacre), you take over businesses and eventually try to spread your influence and become as powerful as the Don himself.

Sounds cool. The game has had some positive, if not altogether pretty good, reviews so far. I'll try to polish my tommy-gun skills over the weekend.

Tuesday, March 28

The Beginning of the End

Here's the first official image from The Last Angel, my next comic book project. There, I've said it. From here on in, if I'm working on a comic, it's this book.

Yes, this is the thing I've been calling "The Last Angel Ace Story". The change in title is to make this graphic novel a stand-alone book, so you don't really have to read the past Angel Ace comics to figure it out (but it would be a lot better). Yes, it does continue the story from the most recent releases of Angel Ace- The Again! series and Angel Ace Next, and stars the same characters. However, the book itself will go far beyond and before the events so far released to make this it's own story independent of any other release.

What's the story? Well, I don't want to spoil anything but a lot of it you can probably infer from the image above. Suffice to say, this is the end-all, be-alll of the Angel Ace series. There will be the same stuff readers of Angel Ace have come to know as familiar with the title- action and humor with liberal dashes of fan service. However, I intend to go a lot deeper into the characters this time around. There will be new stuff to go with the old though- including stuff I never thought I'd go to or go as far as. But I think it'll all be for the better of the story and the character.

I'm not sure how long development and production will take- I'm still hoping for a release within 2006. We'll see. I'll keep y'all posted as stuff happens.